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Reply to Query asked by purvish on 09-08-2012


sir I want to buy a disel car upto 6 lacks .but i 'm confused between ford figo, beat & swift. i can't deside which one is best.so please suggest me which one is more convinient in milage and after sales-service ?


Asked by purvish on 09-08-2012




Dear Purvish, Given your budget, you have identified the three choices of car correctly. While Maruti has the most wide-spread dealer and service network, the problems that Maruti is having at its production facilities means that there is a huge order backlog, which will take a while to get cleared. The Chevrolet Beat is a good looking car, and has nice ride quality as well, and it has the best fuel efficiency, but it is smaller and the boot space is very limited. Overall, we'd rate the Ford Figo the highest given its attributes, which include a roomy cabin, spacious boot, good ride quality, driving feel and engine smoothness. The icing on the cake is the value-for-money pricing.



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