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Reply to Query asked by SATISHKUMAR BHASKARAN on 25-03-2013


Sir I am looking for a used car and I got an offer for Fiat Punto 1.2 active, Make April 2010, Run 13000 kms. The offer is for 2.65 lacs. Please let me know whether it is worth buying this car for 2.65 lacs? Can you please tell me about the performance, mileage and maintenance cost?


Asked by SATISHKUMAR BHASKARAN on 25-03-2013




Dear Satish, the Fiat Punto is a great car, but the 1.2 engine does not do this car justice. Also, as a matter of principle, you must always bargain when buying a second-hand car. We feel Rs 2.65 lakh is a bit steep especially considring the re-sale as and when you decide to sell it on.



Posted in: fiat, grande punto, new cars

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