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201401 Apr


The Skoda 1000 MB is now 50 years old. The compact car made its debut on March 21, 1964, as the successor to the former Skoda Octavia. As the first Skoda with rear wheel drive, a rear engine and unibody construction, the Skoda 1000 MB is a milestone in the nearly 119-year history of Skoda. In its heyday, the four-door model was one of the best vehicles in the one-litre class and set new standards in terms of comfort and performance.


“Skoda is one of the longest-established vehicle manufacturers in the world,” says Skoda CEO, Winfried Vahland. “The basis for the company’s success is outstanding vehicles. The Skoda 1000 MB was a key milestone for the company in the 1960s and an impressive testament to the great engineering skills of Czech automotive engineering.”


The Skoda 1000 MB was a bestseller in Czechoslovakia and abroad – sustainably strengthening Skoda’s position in the European automotive industry and shaping the Czech manufacturer’s model strategy until the late 1980s.


MB stands for Mlada Boleslav, the location of Skoda’s headquarters; the number 1000 for the displacement of the one-litre engine. Around 4,43,000 Skoda 1000 MBs were produced between April 1964 and August 1969, of which more than half were exported even as far as New Zealand and Australia.


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Skoda Car Features

Skoda vRS is Celebrating 15 Years in UK

Skoda’s rich sporting and performance history reaches a historic milestone in 2016 with the 15th anniversary of the vRS brand in UK. Since the first Octavia vRS arrived in showrooms back in 2001, Skoda has continually developed the vRS range; adding more power, performance and excitement to cars wearing the famous three letter badge.

20 Years Of Skoda Octavia

One of the most successful model series in the automotive world made its debut 20 years ago. In 1996, Skoda Auto presented its Octavia saloon for the first time to international media representatives. Over the following two decades, the Octavia became a worldwide hit and is still the traditional Czech automaker’s best-selling model. The vehicle has been instrumental in the successful development of the Skoda brand.

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