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201527 Jul


Jeep Renegade


Jeep has recorded a 176 percent growth in its sales graph for the month of June in Europe at 8500 units over June 2014. June was the best sales month ever in some of the major European markets as well, with France up by 491 percent, Spain up 358 percent and Italy up 309 percent, compared with the same month of 2014.


At product level, with more than 5400 units sold, the Jeep Renegade has been significantly successful in the month of June, and is now permanently among the most sold vehicles in its segment in some of the major European countries, being in the top 5 ranking in Italy. The Grand Cherokee performance was as well positive. In June, compared with the same month in 2014, the vehicle had an 18 percent increase in sales in the European region, reaching the top positions in its segment in key countries like Italy, Switzerland and Poland. An important contribution came as well from the iconic Jeep Wrangler whose sales in June grew by almost 50 percent, compared with June 2014, with the UK being up 79 percent, Germany up 60 percent and Spain up 57 percent.


The results of the second quarter were as well the best ever for the brand with 23,000 unit sales for the European region and an increase of 161 percent versus Q2 last year. With a total of almost 15000 units, Renegade played a key role, being in the top 5 in its segment in the Italian market, while Grand Cherokee ranked in the top 5 in Italy, Switzerland and Poland in its segment. In the first half 2015 versus the same period last year, Jeep sales increased by 174 percent in Europe totaling 45000 units, with France being the best performing country (up 328 percent versus the same period the previous year), followed by Spain and Italy. Over the same period, a significant 168 percent increase on Cherokee sales was recorded with Switzerland being up 231 percent, Italy up 165 percent and Germany up 108 percent, while Grand Cherokee remained steadily in the first top 3 positions in its segment in Italy, Switzerland and Poland.

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