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201505 Aug

Maruti-Suzuki-Dakshin-Dare-2015-Sandeep Sharma-And-Karan-Arya


The second day of Dakshin Dare concluded in a nail biting finish between the competitors as they passed through the hilly areas and rocky terrains of Kapat Hill, located in the Gadag district of Karnataka. Through the winding trails, the rally proceeded towards Hubli covering a total distance of around 400 kilometres. The rally took place in two legs in different Kapat Guda stages.


The chilly weather with the gravel roads full of difficult twists and turns made it even more challenging for the drivers to manoeuver their vehicles. Sandeep Sharma and Karan Arya maintained their lead in the Extreme Car category with a record breaking timing of 2:35:06. Samrat Yadav and Gaurav came a close second covering the distance in 2:39:23. Manali man Suresh Rana along with his navigator Parminder who were in the fourth spot yesterday, sped up to the third position today, clocking the distance in 2:42:10.


In the extreme bike category, champion Arvind K P maintained his lead covering the given distance in record time of 2:23:51, followed by Natraj who maintained his second position. Abdul Wahid grabbed the third position by covering the distance in 2:37:24. Among the women participants, Bani Yadav, Harshita Gowda and Anu Rana have been challenging one another to try and give their best shot in the competition.




Talking about his experience of the rally till now, Sandeep Sharma said, “I have tried my best to keep my lead in the rally and I feel that if I continue to do so, the trophy could be mine. This year’s route is quite tricky especially with the uneven terrain and hairpin turns. All these factors make it difficult to manoeuvre the car but that is where the thrill of a motorsport event comes from. The competition is also fairly tough as a lot of the drivers are experienced and confident with their vehicles so I’m making an effort to maintain my place in the rally.”


In the endurance category, Subir Roy along with Nirav Mehta grabbed the lead from Dilip Jain and his teammate Chandra Shekhar to finish first in the category. Ganesh Moorthy and Nagarajan are presently third with Asgar Ali and Mustafa in fourth. 


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