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Latest toyota News

201418 Oct

Toyota-Motors-Turkey-S.jpg When you walk the aisles of the Toyota plant in Sakarya, Turkey about 150 km east of Istanbul where Toyota Corolla and Verso are built, you can often hear Japanese being spoken. Although the factory only counts a limited number of temporary employees on rotation from Japan at any given time, many Turkish managers and production supervisors can understand and speak Japanese.


201418 Jul

Etios-Motor-Racing-S.jpg After the success of the inaugural Etios Motor Racing (EMR) Trophy in 2013, Toyota Kirloskar Motor today announced its return to the race circuits with the 2014 season of EMR Trophy. The first round of the EMR trophy for 2014 will take place on the July 19-20 at the Kari Motor Speedway in Coimbatore. This is the first time EMR Trophy will be held in Coimbatore. The second edition of the EMR Trophy will be held along with the third and fifth rounds of the National Racing Championship this year.