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Review Writen by RC Gupta on 18 August , 2014
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We are having serious problem with A 4 purchased from Audi India since inception. There are frequent breakdowns - four times major repair have been happened in last 2.5 years. Although the same have been paid by Audi India, it is clear that the components used In Indian Car are quite inferior. During the warranty period cost will be paid by Audi India but there after it shall be charged to the owner heavily. With the lingering fear of breakdown, we do not take this car out of station. No one respond in MD office. we moved from our earlier vehicle Toyota Corolla to AUDI A4 for luxury and status. Earlier car is still with us for last 8 Years without any problem. Except services or preventive maintenance there is no breakdowns on the road ever. We lso has Honda City car since 2002, we have never faced any breakdown in this car also even after 12 years of use. We are extremely worried about this manufacturing defect as the warranty will expire soon. The buyer do not buy not this expensive car only for fours years of use (till warranty expires). New Audi Buyers in India need to keep this in mind
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