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Review Writen by Bobbby K Thomas on 26 March , 2014
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Overall i am happy with features and performance. one main drawback i noticed is the central locking system, even when the central locking is on any one can open the doors from inside. its very dangerous when traveling with kids on board. ford may claim they have provided child locks for the rear doors. that will also make severe problem when there is and accident and rear passenger cannot open the door to come out. All know in india kids are not using child seat inside the car always, some time they sit together with mother or father in the front passenger seat. they will simply open the door while moving, this was happened to me couple of times. there should locking arrangement for the all 4 doors, and should not be opened while vehicle is moving without the knowledge of driver. even my alto having this facility dont know why ford engineer never thought about this simple but dangerous issue.
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