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Review Writen by Delna Hataria on 26 August , 2014
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Hi, We purchased a new Honda, top-most Petrol variant for Rs. 13.50 lakhs on Jun 6th and in a 1.5 months, water started seeping into car on the drivers side. We sent it to the Workshop immediately where they kept the car for 1 week and could not find the fault. They said they tested it in the rains when the car was in the workshop. Again, within a matter of 13 days after returning the car, we again found water on the drivers side. We have now sent it again to the workshop. They say the beading between the trim and the door is defective. So its clearly a manufacturing defect. Given the water had seeped in my carpet and the carpet lamination I had done at the cost of another 5000- 6000 had vapour on it when it came back the first time from the workshop. It did not even look like a new car. The car has been in the workshop more than I have actually driven it and I am shocked with Honda quality. They dont want to compromise on price because they proudly declare that their quality is impeccable. However, when there is no quality, then they should not ask for such high prices. Also, I bought my vehicle from the Arya Honda dealership at Ballard Estate. The head of the dealership - Mr. Avinash Oberoi and the other salesmen are very irresponsible. They promise a lot of deliverables but dont end up meeting their commitments. They have coolly washed their hands off our vehicle. The best state for me would be to return my money as I would not be interested in driving a new car which has defective quality and manufacturing. Please go buy a VW or a Hyundai instead in the same price range !!
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