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Review Writen by Anup Pateria on 30 September , 2011
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Hello, I want to share my personal experience with my car with you all. I purchased this car in 2009 from MyCar Indore. Styling, Fit & Finish: The style is quite good its aerodynamic shape give itself a bullet like look. The fitting are also just great, The panels, paint quality all i found much better than my previous Maruti car but not good as Hyundai or FIAT. But i dont get it the way i think. I think styling and finish could be much more elegant and handy. Rating: 7/10 Space and Ride Comfort: there is no problem of space in Ritz as compared to other cars but heightening of back seats are little low and also b/w legs and front seats needs to be increased for more comfort. Else the ride is smooth the car easily tackles bad roads and potholes because of a good ground clearance. Rating: 8/10 AC effectiveness: The AC when run on more than 3rd speed can cool car effectively and fast within a minute or two, but the back-seaters have to wait for at least 3-4 min. In my driving experience yet i have not felt draining in the engine power. The AC doesn't smell bad instead the perfume of car also smells sweet. Rating: 8/10 Music system: My car didn't come with a factory fitted stereo, but Ritz-Zxi comes with a factory fitted music system and looks very well integrated with the center console. It had enough features that would be suited for a normal music listener like me. The sound is also quite good, But the difference b/w the price of zxi and vxi prevented me from buying it. Rating: 7/10 Pick-up & Power: I especially like its pickup feature after driving it a lot the pickup is still the same. The engine is really very powerful, the power could be felt while driving, Thanks to new K series engine. Rating: 10/10 Brakes & Steering feel: I keep going out for drive frequently and I don’t feel any problem with its brakes and steering, they are just perfect. The Power steering is really powerful and brakes sometimes gives trouble but it’s okay. Rating: 8/10 Fuel efficiency: Fully Happy with its fuel efficiency, Mileage is one of the Best feature My experience after 3rd service 5000+ km it is giving 19.5 at city with AC and 16 + in city Rating: 9/10 Safety: I don’t take think that maruti as taken some extra efforts for its safety, it’s the same as other. I always prefer driving slow for safety. Rating: 6/10 Value for money: I think I got really a nice car at what I paid, The features are enough (power steering, automatic door lock etc) for what i paid but one or two more exciting features should be included to make it different from others on road. Rating: 8/10 Sales & Service: The dealer was really kind to us and suggested a lot, he also gave me extra discount. They always service me on time. There were no hidden charges, I bought from MyCar Indore. Rating: 10/10
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