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Review Writen by Anuj Kapoor on 25 June , 2013
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A cabin so spacious and so well made that you can never tell that you are sitting in a compact car. The fit and finish and the quality of the material can give any of the sedans a run for their money. Feels great and performs well in all departments. One of the best features is its gearbox which is so smooth in its moment, it feels effortless. The brakes are responsive and works well. The top of the line 1.2 Elegance model comes equipped with features like the central and remote locking. One of the features that you may not find in most of the cars in its category is remote controlled windows i.e you can open and close the windows with a touch of a button. You may feel a bit down when it comes to the equipment list inside. The music system is great but no USB or bluetooth connectivity (only AUX). No automatic Air Conditioning. You do get a charging port though. The boot space is also quite big with a capacity of around 385 liters and you wont be out of space for that weekend family trip. In sales and services department its a bit on the costlier side, so you may be a bit disappointed. . And the best part of the service is that you just need to get it serviced once a year or after every 15000 Kms. To conclude I would say, great car to own.
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