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Review Writen by ashok on 03 July , 2013
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I brought the Tata Vista Quardrajet LS last October, I have done about 7000km and here is my users experience. Before the Indica Vista flashed on my radar, I had checked out on the Chevy Beat diesel after waiting for over a month for its launch. What went against the car was its price, an over funky look for a person of my age and almost shoulder tackling with the sales lady sitting beside me every time I tried to check the car handling by taking a sharp right turn during the test drive. It left me feeling like I was oversized for the car. The last nail in the box was my wife’s comment that she will have to carry a novel every time she will have to sit in the back seat as she can’t see much from the rear view windows except for the hazy hyderabad sky. So the cute little Chevy Beat was ticked off. Next came the Tata, all the nightmarish reviews and warnings and the red flags about going for a Tata car was set aside when I walked in to Lexus Motors hyderabad showroom. The sales boy a young kid and what I liked about him was that he was not pushy; he first showed me the Tata Indica ev2 as he thought would fit my budget, but something told me I will have a Chevy Beat shoulder tracking experience with my fellow passenger in it too, so it was out. And then I test drove the Vista. And that was it. You know something you got to have, when u see it, was in my case. I fell in love with it after the test drive. It made me feel like I was driving a big car and I was the king of the road, no shoulder tackling and no novels for my wife when she sits on the back seat. I loved the power and the sound of the engine, the almost zero vibration and no cabin noise. The car was a rocket once the turbo kicks in. My running is not much may be 500 to 600km per month. Except in long drives with friends or family, the car is flawless. I use regular diesel, refusing to fall for anything more that’s hawked by the oil companies. I get an average of approx 16 to 17 in the hyderabad traffic and about 20 to 22 in the highways always with AC on. Recently I have installed a music system a modest Pioneer DEH-1490UB with matching 4 Sony speakers that fits exactly in the same place where the original Tata speakers are supposed to be. The sound quality is nothing to die for, but my rock and blues sounds ok in volume 12 on a long drive. Anything is better than the Blaupunkt that comes from the company’s stable. I have also installed the Autocop Terminator central locking system which till now has worked fine for me along with a decent quality seat cover (tight fit). My next in line will be GPS navigation and Alloys. In the end I must say if you are looking for a set of wheels that looks good makes u feel like a big car owner and want to travel in peace and safety and don’t like surprises, nasty or otherwise this is the car for you at a price point which is very competitive. Vista is not a head turner or a design award recipient, but it looks big and majestic to me and onlookers and makes me feel happy.
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