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Review Writen by Digger on 10 July , 2012
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Mine was more an impulsive buy, i was waiting for the Safari Storme and it was an ilusive every lasting wait , so i decided i needed a four wheeler to help me travel in this chaotic Indian urban traffic. Booked the Nano CX in Red , without the consent of the better half which was risky decision, considering the catgeory under which the car is marketed (read cheapest car in the world). This did not go down well till the day arrived , after a month full of convincing and pleasing the better half with a gift ( read worth the cost of the car in Gold) finally an agreement . The dealer called up and informed the car is in the stock yard and i can inspect. The first impression was okey this car has attitude and style, finished all the formalties and decided to take delivery the next day, went to the showroom with family and they started seeing my point on how cute the car looks and its advantages, which far out number the disadvantages , let me list the advantages first. 1) Incredible space inside for such a samll footprint. 2) Looks really cute and stylish with those big headlights . 3) Fit and finish at par with the cost. 4) Peppy engine. 5) Good high seating poster . 6) Easy to get in and get out for all age groups. 7) Light enough to do away without a power steering. 8) Large windows with good allround vision. 9) Door open wide for easy entry. 10) Easy access to spare tyre, fule inlet etc under the bonnet. 11) AC is effective in 40+ temp. 12) Fuel economy is very good if driven as per company specification. 13) Parking and u turns are very easy , thanks to small turing radius and a small footprint. Disadvantages: 1) Braking is just enough for sedate driving. 2) Tyre could have been bigger. 3) Engine noise could have been more refined . 4) NVH(Noice ,Vibration,harshness) level can be improved. 5) Power steering as an option would be good. 6) The dashbaord could have been made more useful and stylish and lowered for better view for short people. 7) The Storage area is as good as not present., the storage behing the back seat is small and get hot due to the engine underneath it.\ 8) Child locks for back doors is needed. 9) Disk brakes as an option. 10) Bigger fuel tank. After driving this little wonder aorund for 10K KMS , we feel it was a good decision and its pratical car for city limits.
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