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Review Writen by GAURAV GANGURDE on 19 June , 2012
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Can any Indian miss to stare and give second look to this beauty? Certainly not. Well this is the machine which gives you a feeling of being proud wheather inside or outside it. Looks are typically a traditional SUV, but definatly designed to attract all the eyes looking at it. The exterior grabs the attention instantly as you look at it. Its huge and has a very good road presence. All other cars/trucks/autos give way for the mighty beast as soon as they see it in their rear view mirror. Interiors are average but may not disappoint you considering the cars manufactured by any other Indian manufacturer. It has all the bells & whistles at a very competative price points. There is ABS & Airbags along with the impressive strong build which ensures that a feeling of being secured. The space inside the cabin is in acres and you may get spoiled once you get addicted to it. It’s a sofa in car!!. Rarely any other car offers the space & seating comfort that this beast offers. Ride is smooth over any terrain and you will not realize the pothole. It just munch & glides over them. Though some may find it difficult to manuoure around in city and traffic, but once you sre used to handling it then nothing else can pleasure you. Taking turns is bit difficuilt and you need to make proper judgements for it. The standard music system is average and needs replacement to suit the vehicle. Offcourse if you have plenty of optins from aftermarket to choose from. The rear view camera does a decent job of displaying the rear view while reversing. There are plenty of small features like, Follow me home lighting, Door paddle lights, engine immobalizer, flexible seating etc which are quit helpful. The seating arrangement give you ample of storage space as needed. You can almost shift the house in it . AC keeps you chilled irespective of the outside temperature and climate. The middle row roof AC unit with dedicated controls does a good job of chilling the entire rear section in minutes. The steering response is average and at high speeds at times feels non responcive. Brakes are adequate to stop this two tonne truck. It’s a lazy monster and take time to wake up in 1st gear, but once you loor the pedal and slot the second or third gear and croos the 1800 RPM mark then it turns into a rocket and just surges ahead. The gearing is very good for cruising but not so good for city rides with neck to neck traffic. Inspite of all this and huge size & weight it gives a impresive fuel efficiency of nearly 13KMPL with AC all time. The after sales support is average and dependent on the center to center, but certainly you get special treatment being a Safari Owner. The maintainance cost are low and comparable to any sedan of the similar price range. So fellas go don’t dream just go ahead and drive to experience the beast.
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