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Review Writen by Amjith on 11 July , 2013
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Hi friends this is Amjith i have an innova car hear i am going to give u a brief explanation about my INNOVA. STYLING,FIT&FINISH. In INNOVA from the front gril to the tail lamp it looks good and fited very nice and the finishing is too good. MUSIC SYSTEM. When u go on to the music system it comes whith a touch screen audio& video system u can insert dvd and watch movie on the system screen.It has a fm,am,aux,and usb port also bluetooth conectivity all this comes out whith a 4 speakers 2 in front and 2 in rear whiel u are in driving u dont have to wory about changing the songs cous u have a steering mounted audio control system u have a control buttons on the steering. AC EFFECTIVENESS. INNOVA has a automatic climate contorling ac with 4 vents on front and in back u have control button so if 2nd and 3rd row need ac hey can switch on the ac 2nd row has 2vent and 3rd row has two vents. BRAKES & STEERING FEEL. Braking is very perfct in this car when ur applaying break on the top speed for eg:140 the car responsos very well. when u go to the steering its very smooth and very essy to control u can take this car in a very small streets also. PICK-UP & POWER. This car comes whith a 2.5l disel engine whith102bhp u can rech 45to 50 on1st gear and 50 to 70 on 2nd and 70 to 100 on 3rd and 100 to 125 on 4th and 125 to 150+ on 5th gear as i have driven and driving till now. SEAT,SPACE & RIDER COMFORT. This car comes whith 3 row seats on the 1st row u have a driver and passenger seat it comes whith captain seat. 2nd and 3rd row comes like a sofa. on 1st row 2 person can sit and in 2nd row 3 person can sit and in 3rd row 3 person can sit so totaly 8 person can travel with very comfortably. FUEL EFFICIENCY. As i have a disel version i get 9 to 12 on city and 12 to 14 on highways. SAFETY. In safety INNOVA has a driver and pasenger air bags. and u have ABS, Global Outstanding Assessment, Load Sensing Proportion Valve. VALUE FOR MONEY. Yes truley its value for money insted of bying otehr breand u can get a innova. SALES & SERVICE. when i went to a toyota deler they explaind me all about innova and the sales was very good. after sale we need service in service they are dong a great job on toyota they call me for remambaring my service and they seat a time for service and they send a driver to my house and pickup the car and deliver it to me on my home.
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