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Review Writen by Shyam Gupta on 10 January , 2013
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We have been using Sumo in our taxi fleet since 2001 and are happy with it. Initially, we had a mix of Sumo and other vehicles. But since the introduction of the Sumo Gold, we stopped buying other vehicles and today our fleet only has the Sumo Gold. The new get up of the Sumo Gold is really nice and is definitely a better choice. Everyone here in Bengal loves it. From our drivers to all our passengers, all want to travel in the Sumo Gold for the comfort and convenience. At times, a family of 14 accommodates in the same vehicle, as they cannot afford the cost of only one. Despite this, the Sumo Gold’s CR4 engine soldiers on. It doesn’t hesitate or show any signs of struggle with such a load. People who have sat in the Sumo Gold have loved it and also compliment the space and comfort it offers. Those who haven’t sat inside won’t have any comments. So if anyone says Sumo Gold is a bad place to be in, then maybe the person hasn’t sat inside the car. I really like the interiors of the Gold and it is definitely a good buy. The Sumo Gold’s interiors have space and good styling also. I like the new steering wheel and even the AC vents and other buttons and controls. It is so new and fresh that even our drivers are happy to drive the vehicle. It is a breeze to drive it, and the drivers have never complained about it. We always wanted a vehicle that a driver will be willing to drive even after he has driven it for a good 500-1000km. Tata Sumo Gold is the vehicle that has met our exact needs. The drivers are happy to drive it and even the customers are. It is a win-win situation for both, which means more business for us. The power of the engine is good and even the performance is decent. We do not need cars that will race on the street, but are easy to drive and comfortable for the driver and also the passengers. At the same time, they should be fuel-efficient also, after all it is business that we are running. The mileage of Sumo Gold is really good and we love the fact that we can save so much money with such good fuel efficiency. If you consider the base variant or even the range-topping version of the Sumo Gold, it is the best in class when it comes to value for all the money that you have invested on the vehicle. The features, the quality of materials, the comfort and the fuel efficiency. Everything is very good for the cost it comes for and I’m really happy with the returns I have got and will be getting in the near future. It brings a smile on our faces, when we get so much for so little that we put in. I’m confident about the product, as we are using Sumos now, for over a decade and our business is also prospering because of the Tata Sumo Gold. Our existing customers demand for Sumo Gold, when they come back to us. The other good thing of the Sumo Gold is that it is sturdy and doesn’t breakdown easily. We driven it in various terrains like highways, mountains, jungle. But never faced any issues or problems with it. The engine also doesn’t show any signs of stress or struggle in difficult conditions. The other good bit about the car is its service. The Sumo Gold can be repaired on the road in case of a breakdown. This makes it easy for our drivers also to do simple repairs in case of an emergency. This is the reason why it is famous in the taxi business. People like it, we like it, drivers like it. We have had other vehicles, but nothing can come close to the Sumo Gold, that’s why we bought only this vehicle for our fleet. Whenever you come to Durgapur again, you can hire our Sumo Gold vehicles to travel long distances. You can contact me, as I’m famous in Durgapur in the taxi business.
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