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Review Writen by Rajeshwar Singh on 10 January , 2013
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I have always been a fan of Sumo and I have adored the looks of it. This is one reason why I bought the Sumo Gold over the Scorpio. This also has better seats and it is more comfortable than a Scorpio. The Scorpio seats aren’t that cosy and even the space for a person like me are tight. I live in Hyderabad and I have a daily running of about 300kms. So, I wanted something that is spacious, comfortable, smooth, and easy to drive and does not break down. The Tata Sumo Gold was the best option for me, and I bought it for my personal use. I take it everyday to my petrol pump and I like the Sumo Gold. It doesn’t just look good but also feels nice when you are inside the vehicle. Even getting in and out of the Sumo Gold is easy because of the space it offers, in Scorpio the second row has less space, which means one has to cramp him to move in. The Sumo Gold is a real gold vehicle. I love the way it feels when you sit inside. It is like sitting on top of a lion. That is where generally a king sits and that is a speciality of the Sumo Gold. The seats are comfortable and aren’t tiring. I like to take it for long drives also, and my work gets done in lesser budget because of the mileage of the Sumo Gold. Even the people travelling like it because of the leg room and the head room. Also, even folks sitting behind can see the road, which makes it more fun for the kids as they like to see what is happening outside. I can also see my bonnet. This makes it easier for me to judge the width of my car in tight turning spots. My petrol pump, commonly known as Rajeshwar Singh’s pump, has been famous for the last 14 years and now even my Sumo Gold is a part of the same fame. The Sumo Gold with its manly looks is great and stands out in the crowd. The massive grille with all the chrome shine is what I love about the looks. Interiors look so good and even the seats are nice and big. I like the second row seats also, because there is so much space and people sitting behind do not complain. The Sumo Gold is a good budget SUV with nice mileage. The utility vehicle is good to drive. The suspension is also nice. It doesn’t feel anything when you drive on bad roads. It takes all the shocks from the road. I have driven it several times on bad roads and still there is a lot of comfort and even the suspension is intact. No issues faced ever on the suspension. When I drive my Sumo Gold on the highway, it is a lot of fun. The engine is very responsive and I like the turbo on the engine. The CR4 engine is nice and fun to drive. Even if I go fast on the highway, the road grip of the Sumo Gold is phenomenal and I love to push it if I can get an empty stretch of road. Even when I drive it in Hyderabad city, I like it. No one messes around and tries to come in front of me. I like the Sumo Gold, because of its power when the red light turns green, even after its shear size. Despite being so large, it has good and small turning radius. This makes it easy for me to drive in small street lanes of the old Hyderabad city. The Sumo Gold is amazing to drive even on these tight and very busy lanes in Hyderabad. A new Mercedes SUV has come that looks similar to the Sumo Gold. My neighbours were telling me about it, and I liked this fact. The Sumo Gold now makes me more proud and I generally tell people about this same Mercedes SUV that looks like my very own Sumo Gold, if any one asks me. Even the styling of the Scorpio doesn’t really impress me. The Sumo Gold competes with the Scorpio and is still more spacious and more affordable also. I’m happy and lucky that I bought the Sumo Gold instead of the Scorpio and like the way the Sumo Gold drives. I have also saved a lot of money by buying the Sumo Gold instead of the Scorpio. My savings are still growing because of the average of the Sumo Gold, when compared to the Scorpio.
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