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Review Writen by Gurvinder Singh Sodhi  on 10 January , 2013
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Tata Sumo has been on sale in India since 1994 and several million of customers have used this vehicle. I, Gurvinder Singh Sodhi from Punjab am a proud owner of the Sumo Gold. I always wanted to buy a big car and I have grown up, seeing the Sumo. I like to travel and always needed a car that is comfortable as well, with sufficient power from the engine. Also, as my family is large my requirement has always been for a big car, maybe an SUV. I have been using Tata cars for a long time and finally six months ago I got myself the Tata Sumo Gold. People in Punjab like big cars and SUVs. Sumo Gold is one of the most loved one in our state. It isn’t just massive, but even the looks are macho and very rugged. The Sumo Gold is carrying forward the heritage of the Sumo, and it is doing it really well. We all like this car and even my family and friends are happy with it. I bought the Sumo Gold about six months ago and since then there has been no looking back. I have taken this car to many places in my hometown Ropar, and even across my state, Punjab. I have also taken it to various other states like Shimla and Manali in Himachal Pradesh, Jaipur in Rajasthan and even to Agra in Uttar Pradesh. These trips are not tiring as the vehicle is very comfortable and even easy to drive. Even my family has been very comfortable on these large and spacious seats. So, long trips with family are fun. The height at which you sit is good and you even get a clear view of the road. The masculine looks of the front, means people move aside when they see me coming in their rear view mirror. It also feels like an SUV while driving and it is very comfortable also. I really like the engine on the Sumo Gold. It is powerful and easy to drive and overtake also. The Sumo Gold’s new CR4 engine does feel potent and it is a joy to use it on the highway and in the city. Even the gearshifts are nice and easy. Even the mileage is good and I haven’t had any issues with it. I’m very happy with this car and the space it offers. It feels so comfortable and easy to drive. Also, the good bit is even the people sitting behind can sit comfortably. There is so much space and so comfortable it is. People think that the Sumo Gold has bad interiors, but when they sit inside their thoughts change. The Sumo Gold has very nice and modern interiors. Another thing that I like in the Sumo Gold are the seats. They are so large and comfortable that you can relax while driving. The Sumo Gold is a very modern car and even the styling is good. I really like the air conditioning of the car because it cools so easily without any issues. We didn’t face a problem even in the Rajasthan heat. Even maintenance hasn’t been a problem for the last six months. I have been sending it for regular service to the dealership. Other than this, there has been no complaints or any issues with the car. The Sumo Gold is running strong without any kind of issues or hindrances. I even like the service, as it is affordable and not very hard on my pocket. I have always been a happy Tata customer for years. I have owned other Tata vehicles like Indica and Indigo and I still own them, but the space offered on the Sumo Gold is far superior. Anyone who has sat in my car has always praised it for the space and the interiors. They tell me not to sell this car ever, for its space and comfort. I really like the Sumo Gold and what to take it to many more destinations with my family. I don’t think I can get any other SUV at this price with so many features and space like the Tata Sumo Gold. I really like to take it to places and the car never complains. I have not used the old Sumo, but I now know why people really like the Sumo Gold. The engine, the power, the space, the interiors, the seats and not to forget the space for the luggage. The Sumo Gold is definitely a winner from Tata Motors, and I have been recommending it to several people.
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