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201407 Oct

Audi Q3 Dynamic


Baby Q, cute little SUV, Crossover are some of the many names that the Q3 is often referred as. Very recently, Audi invited select media to the Kari Motor Speedway in Coimbatore to demonstrate that the Q3 Dynamic is anything but a cute little crossover and can kick some serious ass.


Audi Q3 Dynamic


The driving event was a combination of off-roading and race track experience aimed at positioning the Audi Q3 Dynamic as a perfect all round SUV capable of handling all-terrains with ease and boy, it did surpass all expectations. Never before did I ever imagine that it would ever be possible to mention the words Audi Q3, off-roading and track racing in the same sentence, but this experience surely has put all myths to rest.


Audi Q3 Dynamic


The off-roading event was staged at a pre-designed and enclosed obstacle course inside the premise of the Kari Motor Speedway. The course comprised of a set off-roading drills, namely the rumbler, dwindler, steep incline and decline, axil twisters and chicken holes through which the different dynamics of the vehicles namely safety, agility and performance in both off-road and on-road conditions were brought to the fore. The driving exercise also highlighted the capabilities of Audi’s Quattro (all-wheel drive) technology. In the due course of this off-roading experience we got a clear insight about the Audi Q3 Dynamic’s steering feedback, retuned suspension, wheel articulation and differential lock system. With gentle throttle and brake inputs, the Audi Q3 managed to complete the off-roading course on stock tyres with relative ease.


Audi Q3 Dynamic


Even on the race track, the Audi Q3 Dynamic felt as comfortable. We drove it around the Kari Motor Speedway for a few laps and the 2.0-litre diesel powerplant proved quite responsive and delivered power in a linear fashion. The luxury SUV remained poised at high speeds and the body roll was surprising well controlled for a SUV while negotiating sharp bends on the track.  


Audi Q3 Dynamic


Audi Q3 Dynamic has upped the ante with Audi Drive Select which allows the customer to choose from three different modes – Comfort, Dynamic and Auto for that complete SUV experience. While driving from our hotel to the track, we put the Q3 Dynamic on comfort mode wherein the SUV adjusted its suspension set up to slightly softer tuning making the ride quality within the city more comfortable. And once we stepped on the race track, we changed the setting to the dynamic mode and you could feel the suspension getting slightly stiffer, the steering weighing up and the acceleration getting better. We also got a feel of the Audi Q3 Dynamic in the auto mode where the car adjusts its suspension set up and throttle responses as per driving condition. 


Audi Q3 Dynamic



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