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201313 Aug



Unveiled only last month, the free Charge Your Car (CYC) app is a pioneering app technology in the entire world using emerging sophisticated charge point management, mapping and mobile payment technologies to allow users to find charge points, plan a route, start and stop a session and pay for a charge at all app-ready charge points across the growing CYC national network.


Engineered by Charge Your Car Limited, a British organization and a field leader, the app provides a bright new avenue to recharging set-up in the UK which includes many regional networks of charge points with closed membership schemes, mismatched varieties of charge points and required multiple scheme subscriptions.


Charge Your Car does not only fit as the maiden pay-as-you-go provision but also provides a common avenue avenue for the first time that helps out drivers, charge point owners, public sector organisations such as local authorities operating regional networks, private sector companies like network operators, supermarkets and hotels - and charge point manufacturers. Charge Your Car was introduced three years back as a regional network and is now widening its reach to become a national network and the unveiling of the app propels its user-friendly aspect to a new height accessible by both drivers and charge point operators. The app contains a live map that displays the current status of all charge points across the network.


The CYC network is also compatible with the CYC ‘lifetime card’, a single RFID card that can be utilised across the UK with all charge points on the network. Regarding the payment option for charging, users simply need to register their debit or credit card, which connects to their CYC app and lifetime card. There is also an existing pay-by-phone mechanism as well as a helpline for technical support and advice.


At present, the CYC network imbibes 1,500 charge points, of which currently 20 per cent can be utilised with the app. The goal with the projected growth of the CYC network over the next few years is that EV drivers are always within range of a charge point and CYC intends to licence the CYC live status map to electric vehicle manufacturers and satellite navigation companies.


The unveiling of the app is set against a ripe time when there is a gradual upward trend for electric vehicles in the UK, which has slipped from being the European leader to number 15 in the rankings according to the European Automotive Association (based on electric vehicles per head).  Alexandra Prescott, operations manager at CYC mentioned: “The ground-breaking technology used in the CYC app brings benefits to drivers, charge point providers and electric vehicle manufacturers – it is a great boost to our industry and the UK’s charging infrastructure and is a big step forward in priming the market for electric vehicles.”


The app can be downloaded free of cost from the Apple App Store or Google Play. www.chargeyourcar.org.uk



The salient features of the app:


  • One-click search facilities to view map or lists of charge points near you
  • Search charge points by town, postcode or point code
  • Filter charge points by connector type
  • Live status of charge points
  • Information on charge point tariffs
  • Plan a route to a charge point
  • Start, end and pay for a charging session
  • Bookmark your favourite charge points
  • Latest news and information – new charge points etc
  • Activity history


Charge point manufacturers already part of the CYC scheme are: Elektromotive, Siemens, Chargemaster, PODPoint, APT and DBT.


The ‘lifetime card’ is available for a one-off payment of just £10 (approx. INR 920).



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