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201521 Sep



GKN has developed new electric ‘torque-vectoring’ axle technology that will make next generation hybrid vehicles more dynamic. The technology will help hybrids compete successfully against conventional powertrains on performance, not just efficiency.


GKN believes the technology has the potential to become a standard element in hybrid drivetrains, broadening their appeal and accelerating their adoption and could make hybrid all-wheel drive the set-up of choice for most drivers by 2025. The new eAxle system integrates GKN’s Twinster dual-clutch drive module, using it to seamlessly distribute more torque to an individual wheel to help the vehicle turn faster, greatly enhancing cornering response – a process called ‘torque vectoring’.


“GKN’s torque-vectoring eAxle system is a big step forward in terms of the drivability of hybrids: higher performance cars that are better to drive and more efficient. GKN has been building the momentum towards electric torque vectoring for some time, establishing the core eAxle and torque vectoring technologies in production and proving our expertise in driveline systems integration on a series of high-profile programmes,” said Jim Voeffray, Senior Vice President of Programme Management and Strategy, GKN Driveline. The technology has a number of application opportunities, from automakers that want to produce hybrids with great off-road performance, to performance-focused cars that require greater levels of on-road traction and cornering capability.

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