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201316 Jan


Harman today introduced QuantumLogic 3D - a new technology that brings a three-dimensional surround sound experience to in-car audio.  Built upon Harman’s QuantumLogic Surround (QLS) digital signal processing technology, the QuantumLogic 3D identifies and redistributes audio streams, and incorporates additional audio streams that are reproduced via overhead speakers to create a three-dimensional surround experience.


“Our extensive experience in digital signal processing for home and automotive applications, the accuracy of the QLS-3D algorithm and its ability to create an entirely new listening experience uniquely positions HARMAN as a leader in three-dimensional surround,” said Sachin Lawande, Executive Vice President and Co-President, Lifestyle and Infotainment. “Through the introduction of technologies such as QLS-3D we’re working with our automotive partners to enable even more possibilities for in-car audio.”


QuantumLogic 3D uses proprietary algorithms to extract audio streams (voices, instruments and spatial information) from the music source. The Aesthetic Engine, the brain behind QLS psychoacoustic intelligence, then identifies and sends those audio streams to the appropriate speaker locations depending on the listening environment.  By design, QLS-3D uses only sources from the original material and does not add special effects, like reverberation, to create a three-dimensional surround experience.  Embedded spectral and spatial qualities are maintained in a way that remains true to the integrity of the original recording.  QLS-3D multi-channel surround sound output is compatible with all system architectures and ensures that the consumers receive the best audio experience.


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