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201628 Apr

Magneti Marelli at Auto China 2016 in Beijing presented an exposition space which examines the theme of “New roads for innovation”, with the showing of solutions from all of the company’s business areas, with applications in the field of lighting, engine control and electronic systems, suspensions, shock absorbers, plastic modules, exhaust systems and motorsport. 
At Auto China, Magneti Marelli confirms its positioning as a global supplier of technology which is present in all of the strategic regions of the automotive world, including Chinese area, which is in continuous growth (24 million vehicles produced in 2015, up by 4.5 percent compared to 2014), recording, for a number of years now, growing interest in hybrid and electric vehicles with production figures which stand at approximately 170 thousand in 2015 with an estimated growth of  up by 49 percent in 2016 (source IHS, data from March 2016).  
Pietro Gorlier, CEO of Magneti Marelli, stated: “Our presence at Auto China Beijing is crucial to confirm once more Magneti Marelli’s commitment in Chinese market, with important investments in terms of R&D, technology and industrial capability. Currently our presence in China has become relevant from a geographical and industrial point of view, both for quantity and quality, and we will keep on exploiting our potential at the maximum level, leveraging all our plants, in order to further boost our growth in the most important market in the world.
Magneti Marelli’s exhibition space in Auto China is therefore oriented around the theme of continuous innovation, with particular attention to electric hybrids, lighting and lightweight materials.
With regards to lighting, inside a “lighting demonstration room”, visitors will be able to see an important summary of the technological excellence of Automotive Lighting through the showing of the most significant headlights and lighting clusters recently supplied to the best car manufacturers in the world. Heading the list is the full-LED headlight which is supplied on the Volkswagen Touran, with the first ever completely integrated electronic management system, controlled by two actuators able to generate a combination of eight different dynamic illumination functions. 
The stand also displays eight different examples of “styles” applied to the DRL (Daytime Running Light) modules and rear lights, as well as three headlights which demonstrate the application of different illumination solutions, ranging from adaptive Xenon to LED, derived from forms of eLight technology (applied to Mercedes-Benz C Class). The full-LED headlight with laser module will also be displayed, the first application in the world, adopted by Audi for their Audi R8 sport model, a system capable of supplying a full-beam with a depth of over 500 metres.
Hybrid systems represent key technology for which China is becoming a key market. Magneti Marelli boasts a decade of experience in the competition world, where efficiency and performance are concepts raised to the highest levels. The 48 Volt PERF.E.T. (PERForming and Efficient Transmission) hybrid system is the ideal synthesis of the process of technology transfer between the worlds of “racing” and the “road”. PERF.E.T.  is a combination of road applications derived  from the electronically actuated AMT (Automatic Manual Transmission) and KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) for F1: the electric motor produces torque during gear changes and at the same time allows for the reduction of fuel consumption. In the field of hybrid solutions, Magneti Marelli motor generators are considered the best in their class, thanks to their elevated flexibility, which allows them to be associated with all of the various hybrid systems. Remaining in the powertrain sector, Magneti Marelli is presenting high and low voltage electric motors and high voltage inverters at Auto China.
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