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201622 Jan



Magneti Marelli has entered 2016 with displaying its advanced technologies and products at two important American events for the automotive sector: the CES (Consumer Electronics Show). 


At the CES, two of the main themes for the automotive sector were connectivity and displays. Magneti Marelli reflected these themes at the off-site demo event staged in Las Vegas and also exhibited advanced technologies for lighting, infotainment, telematics and powertrain.


At the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the second year Magneti Marelli had an exclusive off-site demo event staged in Las Vegas to display some selected hi-end technologies. Magneti Marelli showed its solutions for lighting, infotainment, telematics and display, powertrain.


Magneti Marelli placed the focus on lighting with the full-LED Matrix Beam module (LED full beam with adaptive system for the guidance of the light beam through the LEDs' selective activation) and on the OLED (organic led) technology rear lamps, that contains red and amber OLEDs which give a homogeneous appearance regardless of perspective. Even when the tail light is off, the OLED elements are extremely elegant and appear to be a silvery mirror. Magneti Marelli also showed signalling lamps with pedestrian notification of turning. Automotive Lighting also made available a special app for iPad to give the opportunity to set up the colours and the luminous intensity of the headlamps and rear lamps.


Concerning infotainment, telematics and display, Magneti Marelli presented a selection of the latest generation of instrument panels with AMOLED technology, which are characterised by reduction of power consumption, greater display speed and very sharp colours with a more defined contrast. A devoted exhibition space has been dedicated to AMOLED cluster and AMOLED customizable infotainment and also to a curved AMOLED passenger display with wireless charging, gesture control, and NFC (Near Field Communication ) to customize user interface. 

In order to give customers the best experience possible, both hands-on displays were set up as well as a seating buck to give customers an in-vehicle experience. 


Regarding telematics, Magneti Marelli explored all the potential features that allow to enable additional services related to connectivity, presenting the Smart Antenna, an ‘intelligent’ antenna equipped with a modem capable of receiving and transmitting data from the car to operators of external services.


Concerning motorsport technologies, Magneti Marelli exhibited cutting-edge solutions such as the Fast Camera, capable of capturing 400 frames per second, which will be introduced this year to improve passive safety in F1 and the advanced Magneti Marelli telemetry system supplied to nearly all the F1 teams.


To complement the exhibition, regarding powertrain technologies, Magneti Marelli exhibited the latest solutions in terms of strategic components and systems for hybrid-electric propulsion.

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