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201127 Sep

audi LED R18


Audi's R18 Le Mans challenger will use full LED lights. Audi has been a pioneer in LED lighting technology. The A8 was the first Audi to use LEDs for the daytime runing lights. Later, the R8 sportscar was the first road car to have full LED lights.

In motorsport however, Audi has used LEDs in the R15 for the daytime running lights for the last two years. Their new challenger, the R18, is set to go one better: it will be the first Le Mans Prototype racecar which will make use of full LED technology.

The R18 will use a total of 8 LEDs, five for low beam and 3 additional LEDs for the high beam. LEDs are not only lighter than 'converntional' xenon lights, they're far more reliable as well. However, they're susceptible to overheating, and require separate cooling units. For a race car however, the stationary time is almost negligible, meaning the airflow can be used to cool them down. In case of over heating, the LEDs dim automatically.

Multiple winner and Audi driver Tom Kristensen raves about their performance: "When you’ve driven once with full LED headlights you don’t want to have anything else."

Yet another case of how racing improves the breed. The technologies developed on the track translate to roadcars, making them better in every sense - more powerful, more reliable, more fuel-efficient, more technologically advanced, more safe and ultimately more fun to own and drive.

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