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201324 Jun



Following the successful result of the ADAM’s multi-million configurations Vauxhall has made it known that it will be the maiden car in its class that drivers can conduct a conversation with, enabling them to give voice commands and receive a verbal response from the car itself.


When fitted with the innovative IntelliLink infotainment system, ADAM comes with full integration for Siri Eyes Free, the pioneering intelligent assistant from Apple that helps the user executing the operations whilst driving just by asking.


Using a steering wheel-mounted button, customers with a compatible iPhone1 running iOS 6 can instruct Siri Eyes Free to perform a slew of tasks while they can concentrate fully on driving. This is more than traditional voice activation: one can speak to Siri Eyes Free in ADAM in a conversational tone, just as you would with a friend.


To lower the margin of distraction, Apple and Vauxhall jointly have carried hands-free functionality to a greater height by using Siri Eyes Free mode to communicate with an Apple device using only the driver’s voice. The device screen does not display the Siri text conversation while using the feature in ADAM; this is one of the important safety measures Apple and Vauxhall took during the integration development to ensure the upmost focus on safety.


Siriis available free of charge in all new IntelliLink-equipped ADAMs. Customers who already own an ADAM with IntellilLink can also benefit from Siri Eyes Free, via a free update available from next month. The innovative IntelliLink system can be continually upgraded throughout the customers’ ownership to guarantee in-car infotainment is just as up to date as their mobile communication. Updates are available for ADAM owners through their nearest Vauxhall dealer.


To initiate sessions with Siri in Eyes Free mode, ADAM owners need to simply connect their Apple iOS device with the IntelliLink infotainment system via Bluetooth, pair with the system, and use the steering wheel voice activation button. Siri Eyes Free can be activated while other apps such as BringGo continue running in the background. Music or nav directions are automatically muted during this time.


In the Vauxhall ADAM equipped with the IntelliLink infotainment system, owners can use Siri Eyes Free to:


  • Make voice-activated, hands-free calls to Contacts on their iPhone
  • Play chosen songs in their iTunes libraries without having to spend time scrolling through menus – and thus concentrating fully on driving
  • Listen to, or compose and send an iMessage, text message or mail to a phone number or anyone in saved Contacts
  • Access Calendar and add appointments, read incoming notifications as well as configuration for alarm and notification settings
  • Siri also responds to simple questions such as game scores, weather or the dates of national holidays


Several Capabilities of ADAM’s IntelliLink Infotainment System


Vauxhall’s new IntelliLink infotainment system, which made its maiden run in ADAM, is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, as well as Android devices. The full scope of options IntelliLink offers in ADAM also includes TuneIn, a global radio access app, BringGo, a navigation app, and Stitcher, a global podcast internet radio app. IntelliLink offers the connectivity and functionality of smartphones safely inside the car via a seven-inch, high resolution, full colour touch-screen display with Bluetooth or USB connections. IntelliLink, the ultra-modern infotainment system, can therefore be as personal to use as the content kept on an iPhone or Android device. The hi-tech Vauxhall IntelliLink is an affordable system, costing just £275 (approx. INR 25441).


Standard infotainment for ADAM JAM, ADAM GLAM and ADAM SLAM is a CD 3.0 BT system with radio and CD players, equipped with DAB and Bluetooth to enable hands-free calling and USB connections. The whole infotainment system can be further upgraded with an impressive Infinity Sound System including eight loudspeakers.


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