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Force Motors Force One - Introduction

First impressions often end up being lasting impressions. We get behind the wheel of Force Motors’ first attempt at the burgeoning SUV market in India. Is the Force One simply a case of mere opportunism, or does there lay real substance behind rough and tough exterior? Join us for the drive as we attempt to find out.

Force Motors Force One - Design & Engineering


force motors force one suv

Force One has LED daytime running lights.


Force Motors is better known for is basic utility vehicle Trax and its Traveller range of minivans, so to find some sceptics at its first attempt at engineering an SUV is understandable. But Force has approached the project in a manner which points clearly to the Indian spirit of ‘jugaad’. The body panels for instance, come fully-imported from China, where they’re made for a local Chinese product which looks much the same as the Force One. The engine is a development of the trusty OM6-series powertrain that Force Motors has been building under license from Mercedes-Benz for aeons now, the chassis has been developed wholly in-house, while the suspension tuning has been done by Lotus engineering from the UK.


You cannot fault the Force One for its specifications, not least on paper. The 2.2-litre engine has been christened FMTECH, and gets common-rail direct injection, and a 16-valve DOHC head. It puts out a healthy 321 Nm of torque at a lowly 1,600 rpm, managing to churn out a not-insignificant 141 PS at 3,800 rpm as well. The transmission, a manual 5-speed unit – drives the rear wheels only, although an all-wheel drive variant is said to be under development.


force one suv review

Front suspension consists of dual wishbones with coil springs, while the rear is a multi-link system with gas-filled dampers. Lotus UK apparently spent a lot of time in fine-tuning the suspension set-up, specifically around the Apollo Hawkz all-terrain tyres that the Force One uses.

The Force One’s design pedigree is muted, but you have to grant it that considering that it is based on an existing product which is already on sale in China. It isn’t ugly or off-putting at all, just rather bland and anonymous, but the surfeit of ‘F’ badges (front, rear, sides etc) all over the car ensure you will not mistake it for anything but a Force One.


Force Motors Force One - Interiors & Comfort


force one interiors

Understandably, expectations are high when you approach the Force One for the first time. The features list is pretty impressive again, and for your money the Force One promises leather seats, cruise control, steering-mounted audio controls, wooden-finish trim in the cabin, air-conditioning for all three rows, electric mirrors, power windows all around, puddle lamps for each door, etc.

But when you actually climb inside and settle into the seats, you may end up feeling a ittle short changed. The quality of the plastics is quite dreadful, and definitely not befitting a vehicle on sale in the 21st century. The faux wood finish looks especially tacky.


force one seats interiors and comfort autojunction

The saving grace of the Force One are the seats. The front seats including the driver’s seat are quite well-bolstered and nice and comfortable. The high seating position affords a commanding view of the road ahead. The middle row boasts of very good leg room too, as does the third row and even with all three rows in place, there is a decent mount of luggage space available.  

It’s important to note however that the high floor means you sit with your knees drawn up, which puts pressure on your spine over extended periods in the car, so on long drives you may have to stop from time to time to stretch your legs.

Our test vehicle came with a bench seat in the middle row, although individualy ‘captain chairs’ are available as a cost option, and cost Rs 10,000 more.


force one luggage space


Force Motors Force One - Performance & Handling


force one performance review

The 2.2-litre engine under the bonnet of the Force One is well up to the task of pushing along its considerable bulk. While no official weight figures are available, the Force One is no lightweight for sure.

The driving experience is a mixed bag; on the one hand the Force One seems to be a fairly competent handler (for an SUV), with less body roll than either the Mahindra Scorpio or the Tata Safari, against whom it competes, but the heavy clutch and vague shift action can get tiring. The long wheelbase endows the Force One with good straight line stability, and this SUV tracks straight. It also seemed fairly immune to cross-winds.

Braking remains an issue though, and we feel the Force One could definitely do with better brakes. I had to really stand on the pedal to get the Force One to shed speed, which can get disconcerting, especially with a full load.

Force Motors Force One - Fuel Efficiency


fuel efficiency force one force motors

Fuel economy is very important consideration, and in this regard, the Force One manages to match the class norm. Our test route revealed this big SUV was capable of 8.5 km/l in the city, with the AC running full time. We did not conduct a highway test, but we expect the Force One to enter double digit territory on the highway.

Force Motors Force One - Safety

The Force One comes with some segment-first features like a brake-pad wear warning light and a speed warning. However, it does not have either ABS or airbags, which causes us to dock it some points. However, as per information available with autojunction.in, a version of the Force One, with ABS, is likely to be on the market in some time. Airbags however, will still not be offered.

Force Motors Force One - Verdict


force motors force one verdict

Rendering a verdict for the Force One made me draw an analogy to another popular consumer durable – the mobile phone. Just as there are numerous cheaper mobile phone brands that seek to offer much the same hardware as established phone makers, the Force One tries to emulate more established players in the SUV segment. However, it is not that cheap that we can excuse its flaws. Rs 13.25 lakh, OTR Kolkata is a lot of money for an SUV which does not even have basic safety features like ABS and airbags. It is also a lot of money when you consider the level of fit and finish within the cabin. The cabin is where you spend most of your time, and poor quality inside the vehicle will put off anybody with Rs 13 lakhs to spare. Had Force Motors managed to pull off an unbelievably low asking price, then the market would likely respond more enthusiastically. Unfortunately, the way things stand, the Force One does not justify its price tag.


Force Motors Force One - Competition Check

Tata Safari, Mahindra Scorpio


Length x Width x Height (mm) 4860 x 1780 x 1885
Wheelbase (mm) 3025
Ground clearance (mm) 205
Turning circle dia (m) 6
Fuel tank capacity (lt) 70
Engine & Transmission
No of cylinder & configuration 4
Valvetrain DOHC 16 Valve
Capacity (cc) 2149
Power (PS @ rpm) 141 @ 3800
Torque (Nm @ rpm) 321 @ 1600-2400
Gearbox 5-speed manual
Suspension & Brakes
Front suspension Independent double wishbone with coil spring
Rear suspension Multi-link with pan hard rod and coil spring
Front brakes Ventilated disc with Twin Pot Four Piston Calliper
Rear brakes Drum with Auto Adjuster
Wheels & Tyres
Tyre size and type 235/70 R16 Tubeless Tyres
Wheel size and type 16" Alloy Wheels

Force Motors Car Reviews by Experts

force-motors force-one- Car Review by Experts

First impressions often end up being lasting impressions. We get behind the wheel of Force Motors’ first attempt at the burgeoning SUV market in India. Is the Force One simply a case of mere opportunism, or does there lay real substance behind rough and tough exterior? Join us for the drive as we attempt to find out.

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By Harmaan R A J Madon

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Force Motors Force One Review

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