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Hyundai Fluidic Verna - Introduction


Four years ago, when Hyundai first launched the new ‘Fluidic’ Verna in India, it did the seemingly impossible: knocked the Honda City off its perch as the king of the C segment. The King is Dead, Long Live the King. But that’s history; today’s C-segment cars have taken the game to the next level, and Hyundai is the one who’s fallen behind.

We drive the ‘new’ Verna, and see if it’s good enough to beat the best in what is now an extremely competitive and crowded segment of the Indian car market.


Hyundai Fluidic Verna - Design & Engineering


So, is it just a cosmetic job, or is the new Verna actually better?

Viewed head-on, the new Verna gets a new bumper, grille, bonnet and headlights, so much so that it looks completely different to the earlier car. The hexagonal outline to the front grille has been done away with, and instead the new Verna gets two bold chrome bars running across the width of the grille between the headlights. The headlamps themselves are new, more sharply styled and now come with projector lighting elements as standard.

The new Verna gets a new bumper like a I mentioned earlier, and with it new fog lamps also. The daytime-running lights or ‘DRLs’ as they’re popularly referred to on childish blogsites, have been axed as well.


new hyundai verna design


There are no changes to the sides of the Verna, with the same distinctive crease running along its length. This crease continues to remain the defining element o the Verna’s design, giving it a tiped-forward and ready-for-action look.

Walk around to the rear of the Verna, and the changes are far more subtle. The tail lamps retain the same basic shape, although the lighting elements within them are different. The rear bumper has been re-profiled slightly, and Hyundai has added reflectors to the bumper to lighten the visual mass at the rear of the car. The exhaust is now hidden behind the rear bumper to give the car a cleaner look.


Hyundai Fluidic Verna - Interiors & Comfort


new verna dashboard


Inside the cabin, there are no changes to speak of. The new Verna is identical to the existing model save for one or two small differences. For one, the interior illumination for the stereo and driver information display has changed to blue text on a black background. The earlier version had black text on a blue background.

The other change, more significantly, is the addition of what Hyundai calls an ‘ergolever’. This lever allows the rear passenger to move the front passenger seat forward, and also change the backrest angle to allow for more legroom. This concept was pioneered by VW with its Vento in the Indian market, but Hyundai’s execution is better. The lever falls easily to hand and is light and simple to operate.

Hyundai is known to sell cars with high feature content, and the new Verna is no different. It is practically packed with every convenience feature a buyer could ask for, including a Bluetooth stereo, reverse camera, rain-sensing wipers, automatic headlamps and faux leather upholstery. However, one feature that is missing on the new Verna, and which most of the competition now has, are rear AC vents.


new verna rear seat


The rear seat itself is reasonably comfortable, but the low seating position means rear passengers will have to crouch slightly to get inside, and real tall people will find the seating position slightly awkward. The Nissan Sunny still has the best rear living quarters.

Where the new Verna redeems itself is at the front. The seats are well bolstered, supportive and quite plush at the same time. The driver’s seat has a wide range of adjustment, and so finding the right driving position is very easy.

Hyundai now offers the Verna with in-built music storage of 1GB, similar to what we’ve seen on the Grand i10 and new Elite i20. The stereo itself is fantastic, with great punch and aural quality in the cabin, even when the music was being played through a flash drive in MP3 format. 


Hyundai Fluidic Verna - Performance & Handling


Where the Verna did receive its share of criticism was as far as its handling was concerned. Hyundai has taken this criticism on the chin, and the new Verna is much-improved. Hyundai has reworked the suspension substantially, changing the spring rates, the dampers and also adjusting the mounting points slightly. Since major changes to the chassis were not possible, Hyundai engineers concentrated on re-designing the suspension bushings. The net result is a car which feels more planted, with none of the wallowy nature of the previous car. The overly-light steering, which we also criticized in our earlier review, has been improved by way of a new motor and a recalibrated rack and pinion, for a more positive feel.


new verna performance

Pic courtesy Ritesh Madhok


Now the new Verna drives like a mid-size sedan should, with a well-planted feel. It still isn’t the sharpest-handling mid-size sedan on sale in India, and body roll still makes its presence felt through switchback corners, but the overall feel is far more taut and precise.

Ride quality has always been one of the Verna’s positive attributes, which is still sacrosanct. The cabin feels quieter and the suspension is barely audible even on bad roads.

Keen rivers will really appreciate the 1.6 diesel motor’s punch and drivability though. This motor produces 128 PS and a massive 260 Nm of torque, making this easily the most powerful diesel sedan in the segment. The best part is that drivability is supreme too, and Hyundai’s CRDi diesel engine pulls appreciably from under 1,500 rpm, with a real shove once you cross the 2,000 rpm mark. Honestly, no other car in this segment will be able to match the new Verna on a smooth highway. The 6th gear also allows for this car to take advantage of the high torque, and top speed is almost 200 km/h!

There are three other motors on offer, including the 1.4 CRDi diesel (also found in the i20) and 1.4 and 1.6 VTVT petrol engines. Further, Hyundai will offer the new Verna with a 4-speed automatic transmission as an option with the 1.6-litre petrol and diesel engines, making for a total of 6 powertrain options. No other car in this class offers such a wide range of engines to choose from.     

Interestingly, Hyundai’s product team have told us that the 1.6 VTVT petrol and 1.6 CRDi diesel together account for over 80 % of all Verna sales, which goes to show that Indian car buyers do indeed care about performance.


Hyundai Fluidic Verna - Fuel Efficiency


new verna 1.6 U2 CRDi


Fuel economy is very important in the Indian context, and the ARAI figures for the Verna are as follows:

1.4 VTVT MT 17.4 km/l

1.6 VTVT MT 17 km/l

1.6 VTVT AT 15.7 km/l

1.4 CRDi MT 24.6 km/l

1.6 CRDi MT 23.9 km/l

1.6 CRDi AT 19.1 km/l

While we didn’t have enough time on hand to do a comprehensive fuel run on the new Verna 1.6 CRDi tested here, I did manage 25 km/l from the 1.4 CRDi diesel i20 though in real-world conditions, which gives you an indication of what this car is capable of.

Speaking to existing Hyundai customers though, I have not come across any complaints about fuel economy from any of them, although the 1.6 VTVT Gamma petrol does have a reputation for being thirsty in town.


Hyundai Fluidic Verna - Safety


new verna safety features


Hyundai has yet to reveal the full range of variants and options with the new Verna, but it is heartening to see that the new Verna will be available with ABS as standard on all variants. Mid-spec variants are expected to get 2 front airbags as well, while top-spec variants will have 6 airbags. Hyundai is also offering a number of convenience features which augment the new Verna’s safety credentials, including rear parking sensors, reverse camera and automatic headlamps.

I must mention the speed-sensitive door locks too. When slowing to a stop, it isn’t uncommon for passengers to unlock the doors in anticipation of alighting from the car. In the new Verna, this is impossible to o, since you can unlock the doors only when the car comes to a complete halt. This is very useful, especially in case you happen to overlook engaging the child safety lock.


Hyundai Fluidic Verna - Verdict


new hyundai verna road test verdict


In the final analysis, the new Hyundai Verna comes across as a substantial step forward from the earlier car in the areas that matter. It feels much nicer and far more involving to drive. Agreed that it doesn’t look as distinctive as the earlier car in its new avatar, but the new look actually makes it look a little similar to the larger Sonata, which always helps to create a premium product association.

The cabin is very well made, and the new Verna creates a sense of occasion which really feels a cut above the competition. The new City for example feels low-rent and tacky when you consider the dashboard and front part of the cabin. The stereo is excellent too, and the full gamut of toys on offer make the new Verna feel truly premium. If Hyundai were to throw in a sunroof as well, it would really round off the package!

The new Verna is still found wanting in a couple of key areas though, viz. in terms of the rear seat. Like we mentioned earlier, the Nissan Sunny and Honda City have more spacious seats, while the Vento and Rapid offer better cushioning and posture. Considering that a large proportion of car buyers in the C-segment are chauffer-driven, this spoils Hyundai India’s chances somewhat.

I never thought I’d say this, but for the mildly enthusiastic driver, the new Verna is a serious option, particularly in 1.6 CRDi guise. The motor pulls on and on and on, the gears shift well, body control and steering feel are better, and the brakes are strong.

We can only speculate what the new Hyundai Verna will cost once it is launched, but expectations are for the base 1.4 VTVT petrol to start below Rs 8 lakh. The top-of-the-line 1.6 CRDi diesel with an automatic transmission will nudge the Rs 15 lakh mark though, which brings it perilously close to a D-segment car. It will be expensive, but like I said, if you drive yourself and want a premium C-segment car, nothing in the market at present feels quite as posh as the new Verna.


Hyundai Fluidic Verna - Competition Check

Honda City, Maruti Ciaz, VW Vento, Skoda Rapid, Nissan Sunny



Length x Width x Height (mm) 4370 X 1700 X 1475
Wheelbase (mm) 2570
Turning circle dia (m) 10.4
Fuel tank capacity (lt) 43
Engine & Transmission
No of cylinder & configuration 4
Valvetrain 16
Capacity (cc) 1396 (1.4 MT), 1591 (Petrol- 1.6 MT & AT), 1582 (Diesel 1.6 MT & AT)
Power (PS @ rpm) 107 @ 6300 (Petrol- 1.4 MT), 123.05 @ 6300 (Petrol- 1.6 MT & At), 90 @ 4000 (Diesel- 1.4 MT), 128.1 @ 4000 (Diesel- 1.6 MT & AT)
Torque (Nm @ rpm) 135.3 @ 5000 (Petrol- 1.4 MT), 155 @ 4200 (Petrol- 1.6 MT & At), 220 @ 1750-2750 (Diesel- 1.4 MT), 260 @ 1900-2750 (Diesel- 1.6 MT & AT)
Gearbox Petrol 5 Speed MT, 4 Speed AT / Diesel- 6 Speed MT, 4 Speed AT
Suspension & Brakes
Front suspension McPherson Struts
Rear suspension Couple Torsion Beam Axle
Front brakes Disc
Rear brakes Drum
Wheels & Tyres
Tyre size and type Tubeless- 185/ 65 (1.6 Ex MT), 195/55 [MT- SX, SX(O), AT]
Wheel size and type R15" (1.6 Ex MT), R16" [MT- SX, SX (O), AT]

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Hyundai Fluidic Verna Review

Recent User Review

by Mahesh Fulsamandar, 24

simply very good car . at affordable price . interiors are very good . When you see it from out, it looks fabulous. But when you go in depth, you can find out the mistakes - that too from Honda. Exterior - Excellent and sportive look. Interior - Good, but less than competitor. Comfort - Very comfort to sit in back. Front is not much comfort. No adjustable head rest (cost factor?) Boot - Very nice and more than enough Dash - Very big in size, can't say awesome. No 12 V power socket. No option to fix also. - Enough. Mileage - In City traffic you can get 20. in highways 25+ Conclusion - Better than competitor.

by Debendra Senapati, 12

style, finish, pickup is very good, but ac is not upto the mark in hot condition. Love to ride long distance, more than 150km minimum, so that we can get the real power and comfort. Overall this vehicle is value for money.

by mayukh mitra, 27

Hyundai verna is comfortable car. Its music system, pick up and power is great.But only disadvantage of the car is its height is too short. Due to short height it face some problem in bad condition of road.

by vandana choudhary, 09

Hi I would like to share my experience with my newly bought verna.Its really good car.Smooth to drive.Good tyres and music system is also very good.I love travelling in my car.Its AC works perfectly .Power and pick up is great.Brakes and steering feel is nice.Seats are good,very spacious car,good for family of more than 4 members also.Its a real value for money.Its very safe.Service is somewhat costly.I love its design and styling,very cool looks.I would like to give 10/10 to my car.


It is car with a very good Milage (18+) city and 24+ on highway. But it has a very bad Suspension. It is expensive to get accidental repairs.

by vinit bhatt, 26

my car is in good condition and i love my car. i love having a long drive as its smooth, the cooling is great and never gives a break down on long route

by Ashish Ranjan, 25

The best car in its segment in looks & millage . The worst car in break handling and suspension. if you are at a speed of 100+ ,and you put break the break pedal vibrates. if on a highway it moves like butter on bread . A pura paisa wasool car in the range.

by Sandip kr. Datta, 18

Verna is marked by its luxurious experience. It has an elegant and stylish looks. Moreover, it also touches upon a sporty looks too. It is a luxurious car with good pick-up power.

by Saurav Mitra, 05

This car is is quite adorable from its stylish appeal. Verna ensures me of safety issues while driving. Its brakes are quite commendable. Moreover, in the current trend of stiff fuel price hike, Verna ranks as a fuel efficient car.

by Dolly Chakrabarti, 10

It is luxury car for me. I find all the features what i expect in a luxury car. It is also comfortable to be in and if you go on a long drive on highways, you can rely on Verna. But one thing I find is not so good about this car is fuel efficiency. The service center support is also good as there hyundai has opened more service stations in our city.

by Kamal Bharti, 01

I bought a used Verna CRDi SX 1.6. It is my first car and it provides me all that I ever dreamed of about my car, perfect looks to lure appreciable attention in crowd, enough space that wont let my friends feel uncomfortable, AC that beats even summers in Gujarat, and Pick-up that will make u feel lonely in a race, that too with a powerful braking system. Its totally the value for money. But company supplied music system had some limitations like no USB port or aux connectivity. Plus, I have one complaint about Hyundai. Their authorised dealer in my city didn't satisfied my car's maintainence requirements due to which I had to approach unauthorised dealers.

by Jaydeep Chakraborty, 21

i really love the way the Verna looks, and it was one of the main reasons for me to choose this car. also hyundai is having best service. my verna is a very comfortable car and the mileage is also good. but when driving fast i need to be careful because the car is very fast. power is also good. i love my verna and i always tell my firends it is the best car i have bought till now.

by Yogesh Shroff, 27

While this was my much desired & awed Car - primarily due to the poor fuel efficiency as well as After Sales Service - I was slightly disappointed. This car has very very good looks, style, space, fit, finish, charisma & charm. It is a driver's delight. However, the AT version has extremely poor fuel efficiency - gives me even less than 7 kms & with the spiralling Petrol prices, it is a kill.

by Bhargav Shekhar Bhuyan, 23

It is an excellent car to be friends with.Whenever I am stressed and depressed I speed out with my verna early morning next day .It makes me feel that life is so momentous and has no place for maladies like this car doesn't have. It motivates me to speed out in life with the feeling 'No Pity,No Fear,No Remorse'