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Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire - Introduction

The new for 2012 Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire seeks to capitalise on what seemingly is a loophole in government legislation – excise benefits for cars less than 4 metres in length. With this being the major talking point of the new Dzire, Maruti’s engineers have worked backwards to ensure the car meets this critical parameter. It adds an all-new model to the product line-up for Maruti, with the previous Dzire continuing in production as well.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire - Design & Engineering

maruti dzire design review


The starting point of the Dzire is not the front, but the rear of the car. Maruti’s engineers have cleverly ensured the car meets the 4-metre rule, so the new Dzire is exactly 3995mm long. The boot is stubby, giving the car an appearance more like a notchback than a proper sedan. The tail lamps have a hint of the Kizashi about them, which is a good thing, and looks good in my opinion. A thick chrome bar runs the along the width of the boot lid, which is a strong design element but integrates very well with the design. Maruti has chosen to persevere with the ‘bustle-back’ look, with the boot lid appearing raised, although the bulge is not as exaggerated as on the earlier model. Maruti persists with a single fog lamp at the rear, in the middle of the bumper, and a move to two lamps would not only help visibility in bad weather, but also liven up the looks a little. Overall, Maruti’s designers have managed to execute the look with a reasonable degree of flair, and the Dzire actually is a cute car.


At the front, the new Dzire is almost identical to the Swift hatchback, on which it is based, with a minor change being noticeable in the grille and the lower half of the front bumper. However, when viewed head-on, there’s no mistaking the car for anything else. In fact the two cars are almost identical up to the B-pillar, with the change evident after that.


Under the skin, the similarities continue with a similar McPherson strut front suspension, matched to a torsion beam rear axle. Discs do duty at the front, while the rear brakes continue to remain drums. The engines are the same as well, with the 1197cc K-Series petrol engine and the 1248cc Multijet diesel, mated to 5-speed manual gearboxes. There’s a 4-speed automatic too, offered only in a single variant with the petrol motor.


The top-line ZXi petrol and ZDi variants get 15-inch alloy wheels, as opposed to 14-inch steel wheels on the lower variants, similar to the new Swift.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire - Interiors & Comfort

maruti dzire interiors


The new Dzire carries over the same dashboard from the new Swift, which is a great-looking and extremely functional piece of kit. The dual-tone charcoal and beige plastics boast of impressive finish, although the bits and pieces don’t feel as solid as in a Toyota Etios or Ford Fiesta Classic for example. We’ve tested the top-of-the-range ZDi variant, which is fully loaded with climate control, stereo with USB and steering-mounted audio controls, electrically adjustable ORVMs, ABS with EBD and 2 airbags. The front seats continue to be among the best you’ll find in this segment, with a good blend of comfort and support in all the right places.


The rear seat too benefits from the increase in wheelbase, which at 2430mm is 40mm longer than the older Dzire’s. Still, it remains cosy, and not exactly a space to stretch out in. If you’re chauffer driven, then you might want to consider this aspect carefully. The rear seat could do with better under-thigh support too, so it’s not exactly the best place to be on long drives.


The seat fabric is excellent, but the light beige colour and textile material is susceptible to stains.


The boot is midway between Swift hatchback and older Dzire in terms of space, but then what did you expect? It will take two full-size suitcases, and perhaps you could squeeze in some smaller soft luggage, but if airport runs are your thing, the new Dzire falls short.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire - Performance & Handling

maruti dzire handling


For anyone who’s driven the previous Swift, the car remains fond in memory. The squat dimensions, nimble handling and responsive steering made up for some of the shortcomings, but it remained an engaging car to drive nevertheless. The new Swift and by extension the new Dzire feel more grown up in their responses, and for the larger majority that’s a good thing. The cabin is quieter, the damping is more refined, and the overall attitude of the car feels more mature. Sure, the steering is lighter too, but doesn’t provide quite the same degree of ‘feel’.


The dampers on the new Dzire appear slightly on the softer side, and you can feel a degree of body roll around corners as well, but nothing that’s disconcerting. The bigger 15-inch wheels provide decent grip at each corner, and help with the ride quality too, especially over rumble strips, where the Dzire displays impressive composure. The earlier Dzire had a tendency to squat at the rear when accelerating, but that has been cured to a great extent with the new Dzire, partly because there’s less mass behind the rear axle.


The Multijet diesel engine continues to delight with its responsive nature and good spread of power. Of course, revving it beyond 4000rpm is pointless, but the Dzire nevertheless retains a good spread of torque between 1800-4000rpm, more than enough for all types of use. Matched with the right ratios, the new Dzire feels nice while cruising, and with enough grunt if you need it when overtaking. Best of all, it doesn’t suffer from a flat bottom end like many other small diesels, which makes it easy to drive in city traffic.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire - Fuel Efficiency

maruti dzire fuel efficiency


The Dzire, like most Marutis, is born with bragging rights in the fuel efficiency department. 23.4 kpl is the ARAI-certified figure, but of course we got nowhere close to that figure. In Kolkata city traffic with the AC on we recorded a figure of just under 15 kpl, which is excellent by any standard.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire - Safety

The Dzire is an India-only model, but it’s built on the Swift platform, which is an international car. by that standard, it’s been optimised to meet the crash norms in many developed markets. Of course, Maruti offers ABS with EBD and airbags along with ELR seatbelts only on the higher variants, as always.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire - Verdict

maruti dzire verdict


The new Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire is a car which will no doubt add to Maruti’s market share in India, but it’s a car which isn’t entirely here or there. It isn’t a proper sedan with a big enough boot for those who need it, and it doesn’t boast of that much more luggage space than the Swift hatch either. When you compare the two, variant to variant, the price difference is between Rs 42-45,000. That much of a premium for approximately 100 litres more of luggage space doesn’t make too much sense. If Maruti had made the new Dzire with a full size rear hatch, like the Skoda Octavia for example, and given split/folding rear seats, there would be an argument for practicality to be made as well. Unfortunately, the Dzire doesn’t do that.


It may be a cute looking car which is reasonably nice to drive, but at Rs 7.8 lakh, on-the-road,  it is hard to justify the forty-five thousand-rupee premium over the Swift hatch.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire - Competition Check

Ford Fiesta Classic, Mahindra Verito, Toyota Etios, Tata Indigo eCS, Hyundai Accent Executive


Length x Width x Height (mm) 3995 x 1695 x 1555
Wheelbase (mm) 2430
Ground clearance (mm) 170
Turning circle dia (m) 4.8
Kerb weight (kg) 1050
Fuel tank capacity (lt) 42
Boot space (lt) 318
Engine & Transmission
No of cylinder & configuration 4-cyl, in-line
Layout front, transverse, front-wheel drive
Suspension & Brakes
Front suspension McPherson strut
Rear suspension Torsion beam
Front brakes Discs
Rear brakes Drums

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Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire Review

Recent User Review

by SHARATH M V, 05

Good pick-up & power & more spacious & can easily accommodate 5. Worth for money. Felt problems operating ABC since the plastic near hits the leg at some conditions. Also boot space was less & i had to compromise couple of times. Service is excellent.

by pritesh kumar, 16

Amazing..amazing...amazing..this world to be little for this car. I like balancing and soft drive of this car.this is my favorite one.I think this car is best than other for this range.when, i drive this car , feeling like a heaven.its feeling like a dream car.


Finally I choose the Maruti Swift DZire. Actually I had booked the Vdi variant initially and it was supposed to be delivered on the 1st day of the New Year, but unfortunately the variant was not available at the showroom and my car was still in transport and would only be available after 10 more days. This was when I had a word with the GM Sales to express my disappointment about the delay. Fortunately they had a Swift DZire Zdi ready for delivery. This was when it dawned me that at an extra cost of Rs 1 lakh, the top trim of the car in fact offered quite a lot of features that are absent in the Vdi. Alloy wheels, steering mounted controls, defoggers, climate control, air-bags, ABS and more. It was indeed a good idea to purchase the top model for Rs 8.6 lakh as opposed to the mid-trim at Rs 7.6 lakh. I was a little sceptical about buying a sedan over a hatch mainly considering the city traffic and the fact that a larger car will be difficult to manoeuvre but after driving the DZire for a few months I have come to realise that it may not necessarily be so. The car handles brilliantly and I can easily cut through traffic without breaking a sweat. Extremely stable, one doesn’t really feel the lack of confidence even at speeds as high as 160km/h. As far as the interiors are concerned, the under thigh support is also great and it really helps when going for long distance drives. Overall it has been an extremely satisfactory experience with the Swift DZire so far

by Jitendra Panchal, 21

My experience is very good I think diesel engine not give me pickup comfort but I am wrong best mileage also. I love my car.



by Rajat Bansal, 29

I am using maruti dezire from last six months. Cons: 1.High vibration in car feel very uncomfortable during Ac is on and car on standstill. 2. Have hissing noise from doors in . Can't be resolved even three times complaint. 3. Less leg space. Rear seat very uncomfortable. 4.In zdi ABS brake system is worst class. Pros: Have good average.


It is very pleasant to ride my Swift Dzire everyday. Whenever I find time I take my Dzire for a ride because it is part of my family. It has a smooth riding experience every time.

by Ankur Goel, 18

I have Swift Dzire . Features are satisfactory , interior is average look. Fuel Average petrol version is very uneconomical . inbuilt music system is of good quality. Car look is good.

by Amit Tripathi, 27

I have purchased Dzire regal 6 months back and I am very happy with this car it is really value for money car and Maruti service is no doubt best no one can touch maruti in service. so i will must recommend this car to those who loves a good riding.

by avinash b. ghuse, 03

most fual eficient &low maintance car. it is very cofertable for 5 audults. it has huge storage space & driving a car is pleaser.

by vijay, 27

Nice car, value for money plus less maintenance, Maruti is famous for low maintenance cars and this car proved it.



by Garima Jain, 18

I bough this car two years ago. it was a diesal varient. I love driving my car because of Seats, Space & Ride comfort, good fuel efficiency,

by Nitesh Bhongade, 12

I have purchased Swift Dzire in 2010 and I am proud to say it is one of the best car in sedan segment with respect to price. My car is giving 16kmpl in city and 19 kmpl in highways. from last two year i have not paid single amount in maint. Only thing is you need to do timely servicing. Need to check air pressure every week and just feel the driving.


using 8 yrs old Esteem (not listed in your model list) running in very low maintenance and sitting comfort.



by S Arora, 29

Nice car, value for money plus less maintenance, Maruti is famous for low maintenance cars and this car proved it.


The Suzuki Swift Dzire is a real value for money car. It's so comfortable that you don't really get tired while driving for long distances. You can feel the performance of the car when you are overtaking some fast moving vehicle in front of you. It goes like a bullet giving minimum time of parallel driving. Brakes & other interiors are perfect but the steering wheel is a bit hard. It has to be a little lighter while maneuvering the car. The mileage is Excellent on highway (upto 25 kmpl). As a total this car is the best in its class.

by Abhay Kumar Jain, 25

It is a good car with good average and pickup. Music system is excellent. Its seats are comfortable

by Raghvendra gupta, 25

swift dzire is too car for comman man. fuel effcincy is so better. steering power is good. its right choice value for money. controling power is much better.

by Dev Bhattacharjee, 10

This car is really value for money. Style,look,safety,status,mechanical advantage,economic from all these angles it is the best car.I am proud to be an owner of this car.

by Vikram, 08

One of the best cars in our country. I am driving this car since feb 2012. Really enjoy to drive this car very smooth, fuel efficient better road grip, good value for money, list goes on.....

by cp garg, 02

good car , excellent pickup , music system, AC and interior . leg space for back seats is less difficult to sit in long journey , body is not so strong , overall is good but not safety point of view improvement is required

by vishnuprathaap, 17

hi, i purchased new swift dzire ZDi on before 3months, its option is nice, and driving perfomance is very excellent to compare thaan honda cars and totyta altis,. my dizire milage in local is 19 and long travel the avarage milage is 24kmpl....

by Shrikant Khare, 16

Great Car in its segment.. thumbs up.. bought on 13Apr 2012 after waiting 3 months for VDI model...great features,look,interiors,spacious except little but manageable boot. and most important things is mileage. i m getting 20.61km/lit till now..Grey and Silver looks great... Happy to have new dzire silver...i recommend this car if you ready for long waiting period. *****