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201618 Apr


Aston Martin recently upgraded its offering in India by introducing the new 2016 Aston Martin Rapide.


“The British marquee luxury sport automobile producer is especially excited to introduce the revamped 2016 model of the best-selling Rapide to Indian automotive enthusiasts. This model offers unprecedented power and comfort at an extremely attractive price. India has been a market of strategic importance for Aston Martin and we are very delighted to launch the new Rapide in the country. Aston Martin has been very responsive to the demands of the Indian consumers and have therefore launched the new Rapide especially for India” commented Neil Slade, General Manager Ammena for Aston Martin.


The new generation 6.0-litre AM29 V12 engine churns out an incredible 510 bhp, which propels the Rapide from 0-100 kmph in just 4.6 seconds and to a top speed of 306 kmph. Featuring the new Aston Martin AMI III Infotainment system, the 2016 Rapide delivers seamless control of audio, navigation, telephony and vehicle information at the drivers fingertips.


Speaking on the decision to introduce the Aston Martin Rapide 2016, Infinity Cars Managing Director, Lalit Choudary said, “It is no secret that the Indian automotive enthusiast is amongst the most knowledgeable and discerning in the world today. It therefore makes perfect sense to launch the new Rapide in the country. The 2016 Rapide is the ultimate four-door luxury sports car for India with its revolutionary new engine, luxuriously redesigned interiors and fantastic ground clearance for hassle-free driving. The earlier Aston Martin Rapide has already garnered exceptional appreciation and following amongst Indian enthusiasts, making it the highest selling four door sports car in the country accounting for over 50 percent of the Aston Martin cars sold in India. It has a remarkable history in India over the last 5 years. The superior ground clearance, robust road handling, four door practicality, well-crafted interiors; combined with its suitability to Indian roads, weather conditions and fuel requirements, makes the Rapide a perfect choice for the Indian super car buyer. It handles extremely well on Indian roads, thereby making it a sports car that supports daily use. 


The new Rapide will be offered in India at a special price starting INR 3.29 crores (ex showroom Thane). This makes it very attractive for a buyer who is looking for a super powerful, hand crafted, V-12 four door luxury sports car. The Rapide is tailor made for the Indian market at this price point. It suits the needs of the Indian consumer and is a proven product for the Indian roads.”


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2016 Aston Martin Rapide Launched At Rs 3.29 Crore

Aston Martin recently upgraded its offering in India by introducing the new 2016 Aston Martin Rapide.

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