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201219 Dec


Participants at the 9th Yamaha ASEAN Cup Race 2012


The 9th Yamaha ASEAN Cup Race 2012, a thrilling yet challenging One Make race championship organised by Yamaha Motor Co., was held at the SM City Santa Rosa in the Philippines. The team from Thailand bagged the coveted crown of the 9th Yamaha ASEAN cup race 2012. A combined total of 45 motorcycle riders from six Asian countries: India (3), Philippines (10), Thailand (10), Indonesia (10), Japan (2) & Malaysia (10) vied for the top podium finish on a specially prepared 1,025 meter long race course at the SM Santa Rosa, Laguna.


The 9th Yamaha ASEAN cup race opened up two categories for the competitors - MT Class & AT Class. Each Class witnessed the participation of both novice riders and MIXED EXPERTS. The race machine for the MT Class was the T135 premium sports moped and the AL125 was the AT Class machine.


This year, the winners of the YZF-R15 One Make Race Championship held in India represented India Yamaha Motor at the Yamaha ASEAN Cup 2012. All the three Indian bikers: Shankar Sridharan, M. Sudhakar and Arun Muthukrishnan took part in the MT class. Shankar Sridharan finished at the 18th Rank in the overall results of the Yamaha ASEAN cup race 2012. The YZF R15 Race held in India in 2012 was channelized into five rounds and was organised in association with the Madras Motor Sports Club (MMSC) and the Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI) and was a part of the Indian National Racing Championship 2012.



Participants from Team India at the 9th Yamaha ASEAN Cup Race 2012 in Phillipines


Speaking on the occasion and the goal of this mega race, Jun Nakata, Director – Sales and Marketing, India Yamaha Motor, said: “The Yamaha ASEAN Cup Race is Yamaha’s way of providing a huge platform for racers from various Asian countries to come together and realise and reinforce the spirit of challenge, excitement & culture of Motor Sports in Asia. It has been our constant endeavour to provide a dream to young Yamaha riders wherein they also get an opportunity to realize them and during this process touch many more lives and inspire them to share their dreams. The Yamaha ASEAN cup is a test of both man & machine and we hope that further Asian countries will join us in celebrating the spirit of Motorsports at Yamaha.”


In the contest, both models used for competition in the MT & AT classes were decked with the official Yamaha racing colour - blue, and the Yamaha "Speed Block" graphics as the basic design. Moreover, to boldly represent individual teams, national flag and team colours of each country were printed on the vehicle's cowling.



Winners from Thailand at the 9th Yamaha ASEAN Cup Rcae 2012


T135 (MT Class machine)


T135 premium sports moped marked the race machine for the MT Class. Introduced in the autumn of 2005, this model was architected under the concept of "a fusion of high performance and fashion" represented by the keyword "Performal" (a combination of performance and formal). As Yamaha's flagship moped model it is equipped with exclusive Yamaha technologies in its liquid-cooled 4-stroke 135cc engine with a DiASil cylinder and lightweight forged aluminium piston.


The current model has already been modified with a new 5-speed transmission to leverage the optimum potential of the engine's broad power band, disc brakes for the front and rear (keeping the front disc brake of the existing model) and other new features. These additions coupled with enhanced innovative styling throughout the machine took its sporty performance to a new level and fetched it positive acceptance level as the moped market leader.


Since 2006, the companies of the Yamaha Motor group have been aggressively promoting local 135cc class races in each country. It is firmly rooted on the concept that that providing young riders with an opportunity to experience the T135's sporty performance in actual racing will foster their experiences and polishing their riding skills. The T135 was then singled out as one of the race machines for the YAMAHA ASEAN CUP RACE from its 4th running in 2006.


AL125 (AT Class machine)


For this year's new AT Class, the race machine is the AL125 sporty premium commuter model.
Like the T135, the AL125 is equipped with exclusive Yamaha technologies in its liquid-cooled 4-stroke 125cc high compression ratio engine with CVT and a DiASil cylinder, lightweight forged aluminium piston and other weapons. It is marked by lightweight, compact, easy-to-ride automatic transmission features that also ensure comfortable leg reach to the ground. No doubt, this model has become a sensation among young people and a broad demographic of users mainly due to its benefits such as its ease of use, good storage capacity, economy and environmentally friendly performance, sharp, sporty styling and the light, active and sprightly feeling of its ride.


From 2011, efforts have been made to organise a new category of local races using the AL125 with an aim to attract budding racers with no experience on the competitive track. No doubt, these efforts have played a key role in developing dense racer population and hooking up more spectators, besides making competitive racing more familiar and easier to establish a stronghold over people in general.

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