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201311 Jan


Tata Motors had launched the Safari Storme in northern India on October 17, 2012. Owning to production constraints, Tata Motors was unable to launch this SUV on a pan-India platform. Almost two and half months later, the company was finally able to launch the Safari Storme in Kolkata on Janurary 8, 2013 and also organised an off-roading event for customers and journalists on the following day to demonstrate the real capabilities of the Storme SUV.



The "Rumbler"


The off roading event was staged at a pre-designed and enclosed obstacle course located close to Delhi Public School near Rajarhat, Kolkata. The obstacle course comprised a set of five drills, namely the terapod, rumbler, bumble bee, dwindler and sea saw which was aimed at establishing the company’s claim of positioning the new Safari Storme as the ‘Real SUV’ and demonstrate what this SUV was capable of doing and bringing to light the benefits of driving a four wheel drive vehicle when one requires to navigate through challenging and rough terrains.





The registration of participant at the venue began at 10 am and in less than 30 minutes we were ready to set the ball rolling with a Safari Storme VX 4x4 SUV. First up was the task of driving the SUV up the terapod at a sharp incline and the Storme managed the task with relative ease displaying good grip, traction and pulling power. Even when we drove the Safari Storme sideways on 26 degree vertical inclined surface, the SUV remained poised and balanced.  





Driving the Storme over the rumblers, bumble bee and dwidlers brought to light the feedback of the new rack and pinion steering unit which replaces the recirculating ball-and-nut steering system used  in the Tata Safari DiCOR. Certain other improvement in the Storme in comparison to the DiCOR like the new front suspension which now utilises double wishbones with coil springs over hydraulic dampers instead of torsion bars; good suspension and wheel articulation of the vehicle and chasis stiffness were proved effective while completing the obstacle course. The sea saw obstacle added an element of thrill and didn’t really bother the SUV much barring testing its suspension set up.  



Sea Saw


On the whole it was a good experience and having successfully completed the obstacle course and putting the Storme through the test, it would be fair to assume that the Storme will deliver its promise.



Bumble Bee


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