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201520 May



Formula One ace David Coulthard and Telegu cine star Naga Chaitanya was seen vrooming around on bikes and the Infiniti Red Bull Racing car for an short feature, which the Red bull team has titled as Faraar: The Escape.


Shot in the Ramoji film city Set, the feature is set in the back drop of a far off land, where once lived a bandit named Sambha (played by David Coulthard)who liked to acquire the most ultimate cars for his personal collection. He kept the cars for himself, or sometimes traded them for money and/or favours. Legend has it that he once stole 94 cars in a single night. Sambha has stolen some of the world's fastest and most exotic cars. Despite having hundreds of cars in his lair, he was still not satisfied. He was after that one car which had eluded him since years. That one car, which would complete his collection, is the Infiniti Red Bull Racing Formula One car.



David Coulthard with Naga Chaitanya


A 20,000-odd crowd gathered at the Tank Bund Road in Hyderabad, India to watch a Formula 1 car in action..driven by former Formula One ace David Coulthard in Hyderabad, as bandit Sambha's plans to sabotage the Red Bull F1 Showrun and complete his collection with the Infiniti Red Bull Racing car were foiled.


The city of Hyderabad will play host to the Infiniti Red Bull Racing team who are bringing their Formula One car to Hyderabad for the Red Bull F1 Showrun.  



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