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201119 Dec

mercedes a-class


Check out the latest Concept A-Class in these pictures. Mercedes says the Concept A-Class has been ‘inspired by wind and waves’. It’s a gorgeous piece of design no doubt, and almost production ready; Mercedes will dumb down some of the overtly flamboyant bits, but the car you see here and the car you could buy and drive next year will be very similar.


The Concept A-Class has a futuristic dashboard too, with a cellular structure covered by a bionic membrane which has been vapour-coated with chrome. It is backlit too, for that little sci-fi flourish. The air-vents have been inspired by the turbines of a jet engine, and the seats are styled to resemble a fighter pilot’s throne.


mercedes concept a-class dashboard


But let’s get past all the bits and baubles: the most telling feature of the A-Class is its functional COMAND in-car infotainment system, pre-loaded with all social networking sites in English and Mandarin. What Mercedes isn’t telling us up-front, but the implication hasn’t been lost on us, is that the A-Class will be built, among other locations, and its swank Chinese facility. Yes, China will account for a substantial chunk of A-Class sales.


The original A-Class burst upon the scene more than 10 years ago. Then, it was designed to be a technological tour-de-force, with a unique sandwich floor construction and clever use of lightweight materials. The new Concept A-Class by comparison is more conventional. Instead of clever technology and clever packaging, the designers have worked hard to inject more emotion into the car. It uses a new four-cylinder motor mounted transversely, which Mercedes say has been developed specially for this car. It also gets Mercedes twin-clutch seven-speed GTronic gearbox.


There’s no mention on prices yet, but every indication that it will be assembled and sold in India. The kits could easily be imported from its Chinese factory. By my estimation, the A-Class could very well go on sale at a price below Rs 20 lakh. For someone who wants the three-pointed star on the bonnet mated to a swoopy, sexy hatchback bodystyle, there’s nothing to complain about, is there?


mercedes concept a-class rear

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