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201222 Nov


Nico Rosberg (left) with Sergio Aguero at the Donington Park Racing Circuit in the UK. 


Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team driver Nico Rosberg challenged some of the best sportsmen to prove their talent in the fastest of sports, taking part in a training session on a fully authentic F1 simulator before being let loose to record a time around the legendary Monza race track.  Rosberg set a lap time 1:21.05 but was surprised by the response from Sergio Aguero who topped the challenger leaderboard with a time of 1:22.58.   



Sergio Aguero at the Donington Park Racing Circuit in the UK. 


The Argentina and Manchester City footballer was brought to Donington Park Racing Circuit in the UK where he was given a lesson by Nico Rosberg, before putting his talent to the test on the track in a race-tuned Mercedes C 63 AMG performance car.  He drove around the track, setting some highly impressive lap times, proving that his feet works almost as well on the pedals as they do on the football pitch.  Not wanting to be outdone however, the German Formula 1 driver then gave Aguero the ride of his life in a Mercedes DTM car. 



Nico Rosberg with Sergio Aguero inside the Mercedes AMG DTM car.


Sergio Aguero said at the end of the day, “I was very happy to win the PUMA Race Off challenge and prove how fast I am in an F1 simulator, and today I showed Nico Rosberg how fast I can be on a real track.  His driving lesson was pretty boring to be honest so I thought I’d show him how to really drive, but then I have to say in the Mercedes AMG DTM car he impressed me a lot. He’s probably nearly as quick as me!”



Sergio Aguero (left) and Nico Rosberg with the Mercedes AMG DTM car.


Nico Rosberg added, “Sergio sure knows how to drive. In the Mercedes C 63 AMG car he flew around the track and handled the car really well, so full respect to him for that.  I was a bit surprised how good he was.  He’s a great guy but I didn’t want him getting too cocky so I enjoyed showing him what I could do in the Mercedes AMG DTM car.  Now he knows what real racing is all about!”



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