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201509 Feb



The Aamby Valley airstrip once again played host to drag-racing enthusiasts from different parts of the country. The 2015 Valley Run, held on January 10 - 11, witnessed participants astride machines with various cubic capacities in an attempt to set the best quarter-mile time. Over 7,000 spectators attended the two-day event in Aamby Valley City.




The participants came in with their modified motorcycles and cars stripped down to their bare mechanical essentials in the interest of reducing weight. The Valley Run is one of India’s biggest drag racing events which take place on a secluded airstrip. Organised by Elite Octane, the event attracted around 380 competitors, who were segregated into different classes according to engine size, make and modifications. They were then allowed one practice run to get their launch right before the final run. Those who had a jumpstart were allowed another run, but at the cost of a penalty fine.




Rongom Mukherjee, Director, Elite Octane, commented, “The Valley Run has stepped even further in terms of participation and partnership. This year we received more than 380 registrations which is drastically higher than last year. In terms of partnership, we had on board international partners such as the film ‘Furious 7’ from the Fast and the Furious series along with Ali Fazal, the leading actor of the movie being present at the event.” 




Ujjval Saraf, Managing Director, Swiss Eagle said, “Swiss Eagle and The Valley Run are a perfect match for each other because timing is the crucial element in both racing and watch making. In Swiss Eagle, every time piece is made to match the exact second and The Valley Run racing is about trying to outdo your own challenge by the seconds. This association has been a wonderful experience and we look forward to our long term association with racing.” 


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