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Chevrolet Cars in India

Chevrolet is a well established brand in India. One wondered why General Motors launched the Opel brand in India to start with, when Chevrolet instead had so much more recall. Anyway, Chevrolet today forms the mainstay or GM's "World Brand" if you could cal it that. The products on sale in India are essentially re-badged cars from GM's Korean acquisition Daewoo, not that Indian customers seem to mind. With an ever-expanding portfolio, and increasing investments in India, Chevrolet is here for a long innings. The promise of some of the best waranties in the business is helping to draw sales as well.

New Chevrolet Cars

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Upcoming Chevrolet Cars

Latest Chevrolet News

  • GM India Exports 7661 Units Of Beat In September

    General Motors India exported a record number of Chevrolet Beat vehicles in September, with 7661 units shipped to export markets in Central and South America. Driving this performance was a record month of exports from GM India to Mexico, 7254 units. ... Read More
  • Chevrolet Introduces Special Discount Schemes, Test Drives For Teachers

    Chevrolet India has introduced special discount schemes, test drives and other offers for teachers to recognise their contribution and express gratitude for their indispensable service. The offer allows teachers to avail special benefits on Chevrolet cars for the entire month of September. ... Read More

Latest Chevrolet Cars


GM India Launches New Chevrolet Cruze 2016 At Rs 14.68 Lakh

GM India has launched the New Chevrolet Cruze 2016 priced between Rs 14.68 lakh and Rs 17.81 lakh (ex-showroom, New Delhi) with the refreshed styling on the exterior and added interior features including the MyLink Infotainment System and Rear Vision Camera. ... Read More

GM India Introduces Refreshed Chevrolet Beat For Rs 4.3 Lakh

General Motors India has launched the 2016 Chevrolet Beat hatchback with revitalised interiors, added safety equipment and convenience along with more color options. The New Beat is priced between Rs 4.28 lakh and Rs 5.55 lakh (ex-showroom, New Delhi). ... Read More

Chevrolet Test Drives

  • chevrolet beat- Car Review by Experts

    Chevrolet Beat diesel test drive and review

    Michael Jackson would probably drive this car, so a little plagiarism from one of his hit songs is apt for this little Chevy. ... Read More
  • chevrolet spark- Car Review by Experts

    Chevrolet Spark: Test Drive and Car Review

    The cheeky little Chevrolet Spark has been around for a number of years now. Chevrolet India is keen to maintain its presence in the lucrative sub-compact segment of the Indian car market. We drive the revised and improved Chevy Spark, ahead of the face-lifted new model which we expect by end-2012. ... Read More

Chevrolet Car Reviews


Stylish and sporty car, but mileage could be better

6.9/10 by Abhilash , 2011-09-08
A Small car with a sporty look. Is spacoius with a powerfull AC. Has a nice Tachometer and smooth to drive. It is not a very powerfull car and mileage with AC is 12Km/Litre when the company claims it to be 18Km/Ltr.The boot space is "OK"
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Chevrolet Spark 'A Burning Coffin'

1.0/10 by Parul Rajesh, 2012-02-20
The most traumatic experience of my life for which I hold Chevrolet solely responsible happened with me on 17/11/11 at 8:00am . My husband’s car was parked at his office and as soon as he put the ignition ON for starting the car, it immediately caught fire,he somehow managed to get out of the car in time and saw the whole vehicle burn to ashes in a matter of few minutes. Dealing with thwe aftersales people has become more painful than the incident itself!!!
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Honestly The Most Dangerous Hatch Back

3.5/10 by vargis, 2012-04-22
I am totally disappointed with My Beat Diesel. Never Buy ..or Never Think to buy this Beat Diesel Poor vissibility while drive curves on front and side.. so horrible to drive. Dealer's Service is so bad too(Geeyem). AC is not cooled while noon ..as usual performance is also too bad Engine looose a huge power when AC ON like Maruti 800 The roughest Gear Shit so hard tooo (1st - 2nd - 3rd ..so city drive make too much noise while shift) Tyre Quality is too bad and so dangerous to our life and wealth Turn AC normal mode to Defogger fog inside will disappear but a huge fog will appear outside. Last day while crossing the signal i suddenly stopped then a bike hit my back tyre and after 2 hrs i found it was punchured. I brought that tyre to Geeyam Cochin and they said it was completly damaged cant use.In signals the speed is below 30km/hr So the question is Quality of the tyre. How we can drive this vechicle above 60 km/hr. Simply a sharp stone can fully collapse the car
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Ma Chevy

9.0/10 by Giriraj V, 2012-05-28
one of the superb cars i ever drive. super comfort,safety everything in it that u need.Its style fit & finishes are superb.Good ambiance music system,good cooling.one of its main feature is that its leather seats,its boot space etc.
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Spark....pretty car for City ride.

5.0/10 by A Dey, 2012-06-12
I am using my Spark 1.0 LS for last 2.5 yrs... Good looks , nice interior & dashboard(compared to boring maruti interiors)...Also a value for money for first time city drivers... quite low maintanace cost.. cons: not very fuel efficient, AC drains engine power and doesnt cools too much. I am starting to feel engine and parts noises... Overall this car is good for first time drivers who are looking for a low budget car..
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Chevrolet Spark LT.... Family Car on Value for money 8.2/10 by Anuroop, 2013-02-26
One of the best car which attract medium segment. Average on Highway is 22-23 KM/L. I want to have a car which give highest milagage on my budget. I purchased this vechile on 2009 and no major break down. I have taken this car on Delhi to Firojpur with family, Faridabad to Jaipur. Seat are comfertable with good Space and comfert. Interiors are somthing which company have to work.
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A great under rated car 8.4/10 by Haritaswa Meher, 2013-03-21
I have been owned the car for the last 4 years and fully satisfied. Except from pickup with AC and gear change nothing wrong with it. Still this car does not do well , why I don't know. Anyway I am satisfied with it.
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Good MUV Car 5.0/10 by Basant Kausy, 2013-03-18
It is a perfect MUV yet small car for the family. It is ideal for any road surface. Within its virtual small body, it offers spacious interior besides offering joyous and smooth ride.
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A under rated good family hatch 8.9/10 by HARITASWA MEHER, 2013-05-08
This car is the most under rated family hatch but good space, good suspension with better road grip make it a good car
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One car for the City ! 6.3/10 by ROHITH K V, 2013-04-14
Best car for the city. The handling is simply superb. you can make up for the power with efficient gear changes. and if a power control knob is attached to the steering then u are are the king of the road. :-) Drive Khulke !!!
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