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Datsun Cars in India

Datsun is not a new brand; it has been around for decades, and indeed Nissan's first foray into the US market was badged as Datsun. Defunct for some years now, Nissan has chosen to resurrect the brand. It will form the low-cost brand from Nissan, as it seeks to take a tiered approach to global car markets. The brand Datsun has been revived for emerging markets in Asia and Africa, and the product portfolio is likely to include basic hatchbacks, entry-level sedans and small MPVs. Older, fully-capitalised platforms from Nissan will form the base of these vehicles. An India-market launch of the first Datsun product is due within a year, which will most likely be a cheap hatchback based on the previous-generation Micra platform.

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Latest Datsun Cars


Datsun redi-GO Sport Launched In India

Datsun is introducing a new sport version of redi-GO to celebrate the festive season in India. The Datsun redi-GO Sport is a limited edition dressed with bold stripes and accents on the exterior. The sporty-themed redi-GO is priced at Rs 3, 49,479 (ex-showroom, Delhi) and will be available for sale during the festive season. Datsun also announced today that Olympic medalist Sakshi Malik will be the face of the Datsun redi-GO Sport. ... Read More

Datsun Introduces GO And GO+ 'Style' Editions In India

Datsun has rolled out the tyleeditions of its GO and GO+ models which introduce new colours together with new options for the exterior and interior of both models. ... Read More

Datsun Test Drives

  • datsun go- Car Review by Experts

    Datsun Go Test Drive and Car Review

    The all-new Datsun Go is the first new car from the resurrected Datsun brand. Thirty-three years after Nissan put Datsun to rest, it has revived the brand as its low-cost arm in emerging markets. Wee just driven its first new car, called simply the Go. So, just how much get-up-and-Go does this little hatchback provide? ... Read More
  • datsun go-plus- Car Review by Experts

    Datsun GO+ Road Test and Car Review

    Four metres: cars that are less than or equal to 4,000 mm in length enjoy excise benefits in India. While the compact sedan class today contributes a large chunk of the market, Datsun take is distinctly different. So, what do we have here? Mini-MPV? Station-wagon? An XL-sized hatch? ... Read More

Datsun Car Reviews


this car was in great disapiar

4.0/10 by Mohd Anwar Siddiqui, 2014-08-14
I bought Datsun Go car on 23rd July from Awantika Nissan dealer Varanasi. Although I liked the car and it was fit in my budget I was really happy with it. However I missed out few things to check while buying it.Very noisy engine and Dealer - Very disappointing service from car dealer. its almost a month and dealer has not shown any seriousness to initiate for RTO Registration. They dont even respond properly and never call back as they are done with selling car now.If you want to buy this car make sure you are not facing problem or simply do not buy this car since service is really not good.
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8.6/10 by Sakkie van Loggerenberg, 2014-12-04
I love Datsun all my life , It is about time that stile and shape change all cars look the same..............If I hve money Datsun will be my car....................4 cyl..........1.4.....1.5....1.6..................YES
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