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Fiat Grande Punto

Car Owner Rating  
7.7/10 (8)
Expert Rating  

New Fiat Grande Punto Description

The Fiat Grande Punto is arguably the best-looking hatchback in the Indian market. The soon to be launched facelifted version, called the Punto Evo, will only add to that. The Grande Punto in India is offered with three different engines, which include the excellent Multijet diesel, and 1.2-litre and 1.4-litre petrol engines as well. However, the 1.2-litre petrol doesn't do the car justice, and the 1.4-litre version misses out on the excise subsidies, pricing it out of contention, meaning the diesel is left to fight the battle all alone.

Ex-Showroom Price     Rs. 5.2 Lacs. - Rs. 7.6 Lacs.

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Fiat Grande Punto Specifications

Length x Width x Height (mm) 3987x1687x1495
Wheelbase (mm) 2510
Ground clearance (mm) 195 (1.2L Fire Petrol), 185 (1.4L Fire Petrol), (1.3L Multijet Diesel), (1.3L Multijet Diesel 90 HP)
Turning circle dia (m) 10
Kerb weight (kg) 1090 (1.2L Fire Petrol), 1115 (1.4L Fire Petrol), 1130 (1.3L Multijet Diesel), 1144 (1.3L Multijet Diesel 90 HP)
Fuel tank capacity (lt) 45
Boot space (lt) 280
Engine & Transmission
Valvetrain 8 (1.2L Fire Petrol), 16 (1.4L Fire Petrol), (1.3L Multijet Diesel), (1.3L Multijet Diesel 90 HP)
Capacity (cc) 1172 (1.2L Fire Petrol), 1368 (1.4L Fire Petrol), 1248 (1.3L Multijet Diesel), 1248 (1.3L Multijet Diesel 90 HP)
Power (PS @ rpm) 68 @ 6000 (1.2L Fire Petrol), 90 @ 6000 (1.4L Fire Petrol), 76 @ 4000 (1.3L Multijet Diesel), 93 @ 4000 (1.3L Multijet Diesel 90 HP)
Torque (Nm @ rpm) 96 @ 2500 (1.2L Fire Petrol), 115 @ 4500 (1.4L Fire Petrol), 197 @ 1750 (1.3L Multijet Diesel), 209 @ 2000 (1.3L Multijet Diesel 90 HP)
Gearbox 5 Speed MT
Suspension & Brakes
Front suspension McPherson Struts
Rear suspension Torsion Beam
Front brakes Ventillated Disc
Rear brakes Drum
Wheels & Tyres
Tyre size and type Petrol- 165/80 R14 (1.2L Fire Petrol), 195/60 R15 (1.4L Fire Petrol), Diesel- 165/80 R14 (for Active and Dynamic), 195/60 R15 (for Emotion)
Wheel size and type Steel with full wheel cover (1.2L Fire Petrol), Alloy (1.4L Fire Petrol), Diesel- Steel with full wheel cover for Active & Dynamic, Alloy for Emotion
Fuel efficiency
ARAI (kpl) 15.7 km/l (1.2L Grande Punto Fire Petrol), 14.6 km/l (1.4L Grande Punto Fire Petrol), 20.3 km/l (1.3L Multijet Diesel), 20.5 km/l (1.3L Multijet Diesel 90 HP)
Warranty 3 years/1,00,000 Kms comprehensive warranty (whichever is earlier)

Fiat Grande Punto Images

Fiat Grande Punto Variants

Ex-Showroom Price
Grande Punto 1.2L Active FIRE Petrol
1172 cc, Petrol, Manual, 15.7 kmpl
Rs 522,880
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Grande Punto 1.2L FIRE Dynamic Petrol
1172 cc, Petrol, Manual, 15.7 kmpl
Rs 546,983
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Grande Punto 1.2L Emotion FIRE Petrol
1172 cc, Petrol, Manual, 15.7 kmpl
Rs 681,785
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Grande Punto 1.4L FIRE Emotion Petrol
1368 cc, Petrol, Manual, 15.7 kmpl
Rs 722,410
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Grande Punto 1.3L Multi-jet Diesel Active
1248 cc, Diesel, Manual, 20.3 kmpl
Rs 593,318
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Grande Punto 1.3L Multi-jet Diesel Dynamic
1248 cc, Diesel, Manual, 20.3 kmpl
Rs 659,945
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Grande Punto 1.3L Multi-jet Emotion Diesel
1248 cc, Diesel, Manual, 20.3 kmpl
Rs 700,607
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Grande Punto 1.3L Multijet Diesel 90HP Emotion
1248 cc, Diesel, Manual, 20.5 kmpl
Rs 760,885
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Fiat Grande Punto Car Reviews

5.4/10 by Indeewar upadhayay, 2013-09-30
I love my car very much. It's engine is so powerfull as compared to other cars in this category it has vgt turbo system. It has so sleek and stylish body. It looks like an imported car. It is so spacious and low maintenance car. Driveability is sogood even my wife can drive it soo easily
...Read More

8.7/10 by SUNITA JAIN, 2013-09-26
Punto is a spacious car with a good mileage. Earlier there was a problem of servicing when FIAT was with TATA. But now FIAT servicing centres have been opened and its servicing is also good. It has a good mileage as compared to other cars.
...Read More

9.2/10 by SUNIL KUMAR JAIN, 2013-09-01
Punto as we know is the best HASHBACK car ever made. It has the best ground clearance of 191mm which is best suited for indian roads. It also has a very good boot space and hence very useful for middle class people. Its mileage is also good. hence i say it is not less than a WONDER CAR.
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7.5/10 by anil.s, 2013-07-10
hi am Anil from kerala , i bought a fiat punto dynamic in 2011 , till now it clocked 60000 km and am happy to update some pros nd cons first of all i bought this car selling my 2010 swift VDi when swift had 9 month booking nd hot resale value , selling hapend in minutes and i visited a fiat showroom nd bought this fiat punto , while friends shame at me for doing such a risk (or foolishness ) am happy now , since it never makes any serious problems since this as the low ground clearence version of punto the only problem it have is in kerala's pot holled roads but it makes a smile while cornering , (now fiat offers converting to high ground clearence kit at 17000/- ) but i wish to remain as of now since i used to travel lot and no time to spare service i found this as a perfect bet Fiat's service intervel at 15000/km compare to swifts same multijets nd newer DDis =10000 eventhough i do it by 20000/ i didnt have any problems till now , now today i had my 3rd paid service but i spend only 9000 on first nd sme 11k for second ! it has cute looks nd i guess gear systems from fiat are world famous (fiat is providing transmission to ferrari F1 even now !! ) power also am happy with so is mileage ( 19 km /l) if drive 60km/hr in highways ) safety wise it has no gizmos in side but its low ground clearence makes much to offer (b4 accidents not after it ). it grip to road like a crocodile !! VFM is also good since fiat offers 1yr before models also for some 40 k difference the only issue was service which i was forced to go some 80km away (at cochin / or TVM ) now its happy that at kottayam we have one = Marikar Fiat at nattakom - kottayam 04812792444 overall am happy with my punto , eventhough i wish to buy Ford ecosport but all in my family wont like to sell Punto !! happy motoring +++
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5.0/10 by Amit Ray, 2013-03-18
My experience with Punto reflects both sides of a coin. On the positive aspect, it offers quite comfort in driving, smart pick-up and aesthetic appeal. Its maintenance cost is also economic. On the negative aspect it offers poor fuel economy. Its spare parts are not easily available. Moreover, it also comes under a poor service support.
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9.0/10 by Dr Rajiv Kumar Patra, 2012-09-26
Hi to all.I got my dream car and my second (dad had bought Chevy-spark 2008) at home a red 1.3 active variant of punto as i ve to buy it all cash since other trims were just out of my budget.Although due to ill heartedness of the tata people i got it delayed by 1month as promised me the date of delivery,finally got it on 7th march 2012.Its a big car from inside as a chevy spark would make u feel,although wife's choice was a swift.Figo was out of league.The built is like any other german or european car.Steering,brakes and AC are the best in country.Mileage the best from the national engine of india 'Multijet".The disappointment was i cant take a bottle of water inside cabin,as there is no holder.Service engineer said This car doesnt need any service unless u have an accident!I feel like riding a ferrari.Its a complete package with value for money.
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8.3/10 by Priyank Gupta, 2012-07-06
Hi All, I purchased Tuscan white Punto 2012 1.3L Multi-jet Emotion in the end of January 2012. I do have many choices though, such as Ford Figo, Maruti Suzuki Swift, Volkswagens Polo and Skoda Fabia all diesel varient. But the one in the competition with Punto was the Polo only. SO what make me to buy Punto? Answer is a complete package with affordable price. It provides me everything like climate control AC, Blue&Me connectivity, Air bags, beautiful best in class alloy wheels and at last but not the least ABS with EBD. What else you need from a car? Seating position is best in class boot space is best again and you don’t have any problem with the back seat leg and head space, which is a big drawback in polo. Although interiors are not so attractive as we can see in polo but the build quality is great doors and body feels solid, not like other cars whose body is made of thin sheets which can be bend even by a small push, Even the steering mounted controls feels you comfortable. Going on to controls, best is the answer. Once you drive this car you will forget others in this segment. Even at higher speeds likewise 150+ the car is in your control. The problem in old model like ground clearance is also rectified in the new model I didn’t find any bump touching the body till now. Now on the fuel economy front with full AC on, the streets are rocked with 15-17 kmpl and on highway I have extracted around 23 kmpl. On cons side, I would say that music system doesn’t have AUX input, and the speakers are of low quality, I have to change them and FIAT can work on improving the interiors. That’s all from my side, Please share your comments :).
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8.3/10 by Chinmay Chirputkar, 2012-02-23
A brilliant vehicle! The only disappointment in this car is the first gear, rest all is pretty good. I guess, for 47000 Kms driving I had no trouble whatsoever with only servicing expenses. The plastic knobs for the boot and fuel could have been better in quality. Fuel efficiency wise there is no match to this car. In city is delivers 16-17 KMPL and on highways about 22 KMPL, with a very conservative driving style it delivers even more than 25 KMPL. A true value for money! 8.5/ 10
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