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Like any other purchase, car buying also goes through a selection process. Since car purchase is a high value purchase, it requires more consideration than other low value purchases. Selection is to ensure that the best car available within the preset financial limits is purchased. Here are a few factors you must consider before buying a new car.

Price and Budget: Before you opt for buying a new car you must have a distinct idea about different car prices and how much you can afford. It is important that you understand that the face value of the car is not the only expense while making a car purchase. In addition to the actual car price, other expenditure related to maintenance, insurance premium, licensing must be taken into account. It is advisable that you do a thorough research and compare car prices offered by different car dealers to get the best car price quotes. You can ask for brochures from various car dealers, browse through famous portals to get an idea about the exact on road car price in your city. Most online portals will render you the provision to compare car prices of various models and their respective variants to help you pinpoint the one that aptly fits within your estimate. Also if you are driving for the first time and want to get a hang of driving in your city then instead of buying a new car you can purchase a second hand car from used car dealers.

Car Mileage: It is important that you get an idea about your car's fuel consumption rate. The lesser the consumption the rate, the better is the mileage. Better mileage does not only reduce your regular fuel expenditure, but is also beneficial for the environment. Cars with bad fuel efficiency release poisonous gases in atmosphere hence leading to more harm.

Engine type: Two variants of engines used in cars are Petrol or the Spark Engine and Diesel that is the Gasoline engine. In case of petrol engine, the fuel and air taken from the carburetor is mixed and drawn into the engine driver at the time of induction stroke. On the other hand, in case diesel engine, an injector pump actually calculates the amount of fuel that would be appropriate to the engine capacity and injects the same to cylinders. Despite the higher price, diesel engines are a more popular choice among buyers. Petrol destroys lubrication burns the engine in contrast to diesel ones which inevitably has a much longer life. Moreover, diesel engines have a higher torque. This means that diesel engines have a better capacity to carry loads and that too across a long distance.

Car Safety features: Last but never the least, it is important that you ensure your new car is well equipped with all the accessories required for its safety. Seat belts, air bags, Anti lock brakes are a must have for every car. Most cars have a traction control system that prevents the vehicle from skidding while the speed is accelerated.

A new car is not only an asset; it is an investment that helps you reap the benefit for years. And wise decision always bestows you with better rewards.