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201407 Apr


A quick breather for the Audi Q7, as it halts on a pavement in front of the Prisep Ghat. The Palladian porch, built in the memory of eminent orientalist James Prinsep, famous for deciphering the inscriptions of Ashoka, was designed by W. Fitzgerald and constructed in 1843. The cable-styled Vidyasagar Setu peeks from behind.




The Neo-Gothic edifice of the Calcutta High Court, raises its head high as the Q7 dons a pose past midnight




Cool breeze from the River Hooghly bringing in the smell of the city as the Audi Q7 enjoys a ride over the almost deserted Howrah Bridge in the dead of night




Audi Q7 sneaks in the Howrah Station while the last local awaits its departure. With 800 Nm of torque, the Q7 4.2 TDI indeed pulls like a train!




A sudden collision of space and time as the Audi Space Frame architecture meets Victorian craftsmanship. The Audi Q7 glides through the Queens Way as the majestic Victoria Memorial Hall stands tall




High domed roof and Corinthian pillars stands evident, as the Q7 bends its way past the General Post Office in Dalhousie Square


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A Nocturnal Romance With The Audi Q7

Team autojunction.in takes the Audi Q7 4.2 TDI for a spin around the City of Joy

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