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201213 Jun

Proper trye pressure


Let’s face it. Summer isn’t really the best of times in India. And this year, it seems to have been particularly harsh. With the mercury soaring and the unbearable humidity taking the steam out of most of us, I’m left wondering what happens to the poor cars when they out in that heat expected to perform without even saying ouch! So I decided that it was time that we shared some basic tips on how to look after your car during the excruciating summer months.


Park in the shade

Let’s start with the bare basic. For starters, always park your car under a shade. I know it is easier said than done. But try to find a shady spot for your car to take a nap. All vehicles naturally trap heat and your car will quickly turn into a furnace when parked under direct sunlight. If you are confident that the place that you have parked your car in safe, then you might also consider rolling the glasses down by a few millimeters. It helps prevent any hot air remaining trapped inside the passenger compartment.  If you can’t find a shady spot, try and cover your car when not in use. Not as good, but better than no protection.


Service your car air-conditioner

It is prudent to get your car air-conditioner service just before the advent of summer. Topping up the air-conditioning gas, getting the cooling coil washed and cleaned and unclogging the vents and ducts will improve its performance. Always remember that your car’s air-conditioner has to work harder in the summer. So you have to be kind to it. Deposition of dust and grime particles compounds the problem, and it won’t help your car air-conditioner cool in the heat and traffic. So getting it serviced will only help the air-conditioner serve you best. Also roll down glasses and drive for a few minutes to let the hot air trapped inside the compartment escape and allow  the car to cool down a bit before turning on the air-conditioner.


Just like you, your car needs fluids too

Keep an eye on the coolant levels. The coolant keeps the engine’s temperature in check so that it doesn’t stall in the heat. Also check the temperature gauge and if you ever find the car overheating, then it might be prudent to stop for a while before continuing your journey. Make sure you top up the coolant when required, but don't ever touch your car's radiator after immediately stopping your car. Let it cool down for a while before you open the cap. And while you’re doing all of that, don’t forget to hydrate yourself too.


Tyre health

The extreme heat significantly increases the air pressure in your car’s tyres. So it’s advisable to keep an eye on your tyre pressure and get it checked periodically, especially if you’re planning to take the car on a long trip. Not only will this keep you safe, it will also increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Also, remember to test your spare tyre and inflate it to the recommended level when you go on long drives.


Don't leave your pet in the car


Don’t ever leave children or pets in the car

You may recall stories reported about children or pets being left in locked cars while the driver runs into the store. Regardless of how quickly you can accomplish your shopping trip, it is imperative not to leave children or pets inside a locked car. A car with the windows rolled up in the summer can turn out to be suffocating and it can take as little as five minutes for the temperature in an enclosed car to reach in excess of 120 degrees. Since children and pets can't always roll down window or open the door, heat stroke can quickly follow. Sometimes, it can prove to be fatal. Don’t ever do it.


Other than these, just keep a cool head while on the road. Don’t honk unnecessarily, don’t over speed and drive safely. Because every life is precious.   



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