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201213 Jun

Raid de Himalaya


The thought of zipping along the mountains while the beauty of nature embraces you with open arms can send the blood rushing through your veins. Before starting on your journey to the mountains, here are some very important tips that you must keep in mind. Read on to find out.


Driving on plains is radically different from driving on mountains. One has to exercise the highest level of caution and concentration while driving on mountains. The smallest mistake on your part can lead to fatal consequences. Always remember that nothing is more important than safety while driving anywhere, anytime.


Since mountain driving is always done in the low gear, the mileage of your car is expected to drop substantially. Before you begin your journey uphill, make sure that you have adequate fuel, lubricant and coolant reserve in your car. Always bear in mind that the number of petrol pumps is few and far between on the mountains. Checking your brakes is a must before driving uphill.


Ten basic tips for driving on hilly terrain:

(1) Do not get distracted by the scenic beauty around you. Such distractions can lead to fatal accidents.

(2) As you approach a hilly terrain, the engine power drops. Hence, it is advisable to shift to a lower gear to attain power and then start driving uphill.

(3) While driving on mountains always stick to your lane. Most accidents occur when drivers try to cut corners.

(4) While driving downhill, avoid driving at a high speed. Always remember to use the same gear to drive downhill as you did while driving uphill.

(5) Don't use the brakes unnecessarily. Use the gear to control the speed of the car because over-heating of the brake-drums could lead to brake failures and result in fatal accidents.

(6) Horn should be blown at all the bends and corners to caution the oncoming cars about your presence.

(7) Try and avoid driving on mountains at night.

(8) If it is absolutely necessary for you to drive at night then dim/dip your head lamps to judge the movement of the oncoming traffic and to caution them of your presence.

(9) Parking on the mountains is strictly not advisable. In case of a car breakdown, the 'Red Triangle' sign provided in your car has to be placed at least 100 metres ahead and behind of the spot where the car is stranded.

(10) Always give way to the cars driving uphill.


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