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201203 Jul

Night driving on highway


Driving at night is always stressful as you have to be more alert. While driving at night on highways, dim the headlights whenever there is traffic approaching from the opposite direction. Dim/dip your headlights to signal to the driver of an oncoming vehicle to dim his headlights. If he does not respond, slow down and keep to the extreme left to avoid the glare. If you find only one light is approaching you, be very cautious. It could be a blind 4-wheeled vehicle with one light working instead of two or three wheeler with one light. Keep enough space on your right to safely pass the vehicle.


Overtaking at night:

When overtaking at night, after a signal of alternate full and low beams of your headlights, move out smoothly. Be sure that there is a gap ahead to move into. The driver ahead should be warned by the dim/dip light indication that he is being overtaken. Drive with firm acceleration keeping well away from the vehicle you are overtaking. When the overtaken vehicle can been seen in the mirror, return to your original lane. Use your indicators as required.


Parking on highway at night:

When parking on a highway at night one must ensure to pull up as much as possible to the left and out of the metal track. Care should also be taken to have your parking and hazard lamps on to caution other vehicles of your presence.


Always carry necessary tools and spares:

You may not know how to repair the vehicle but if the tools and spares are available with you, it would be easier for a roadside mechanic or another driver to help you repair the vehicle so that you are not stranded on the highway. Even if one does not know how to carry out repairs, carrying a set of proper tools will make it easier to get help in an emergency.

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