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201527 Aug

New Car


With car sales rising across the nation, we thought of sharing some handy tips with first time car buyers on how to get your money’s worth while buying your dream car.


Cut your clothes according to your cloth

It is important to set a budget before you start looking for a car. Even if you opt for car financing and later can’t afford to pay the EMIs on time, then the vehicle will be repossessed or sold and leave you very disappointed.


Petrol or diesel

Ever since the petrol prices have been escalating at regular intervals, suddenly there is this never-seen-before demand for diesel cars. But before joining the bandwagon, be informed that buying a diesel car will only prove more profitable as oppose to the petrol variant if your daily usage is more that 50 kilometres and you intend to retain the car for a period of more than three to fours years.


Do the ground survey

It always pays to do some leg work to check out prices of the car of your choice with more than one dealer. Get the best quotes and carry them with you while visiting the next dealer. If the salesperson knows you can buy the same car for a lesser amount somewhere else, then he/she will be most likely to work out a better deal for you.


Don't get alarmed

Salespersons cut deals for their daily bread and butter and have innumerable tactics up their sleeve to sell that car at a price that suits them best. So, its better to acquaint yourself with rules of the game before you set foot in the showroom, so that you can always be a step ahead. Have you ever heard the “I can offer you a special discount, but only today” line? Don't fall into that trap. Tomorrow's deal is usually just as good.


Never let go of a discount for a special offer

Attractive car finance rates or an insurance deal often succeeds in luring the buyers into the showroom. And then, the dealer will try his best to persuade the buyer that the special offer has eaten into his margin of profit and therefore resist offering a discount on the car. To the uninitiated car buyer this might sounds like a valid logic, but don’t be taken for a ride. In most cases these special offers are paid for by car manufacturers and not the dealer.




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