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Globally renowned vehicle inspection company Dekra in its Used Car Report 2014 has named German luxury car maker Mercedes-Benz has the most reliable and trusted used car brand in the world.


This conclusion was reached after a detailed inspection and survey was done by experts from Dekra with models from Mercedes-Benz topping the rankings no less than five times.




A determining factor for the Used Car Report 2014 was the assessment of the reports compiled from the main inspections undertaken by the Dekra test centres. According to these reports, the B-Class, E-Class and GLK-Class are all vehicles with the lowest number of defects in their respective categories. In addition, since the E-Class was voted the ‘Best of all Classes’ and the B-Class ‘Vehicle of the Year’, Mercedes-Benz succeeded in securing five out of eleven top places – more than any of its competitors.


Based on this therefore, anyone looking to buy a used car would no doubt be well served by choosing a Mercedes-Benz.


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